Generic Code / Group Code Product Name Generic Name or Short Description Nomenclature Type
3D printed patient-specific anatomic models3D printed patient-specific anatomic models
3D Surgical Instruments3D Surgical Instruments
4-dot binocular vision test 4-dot binocular vision test Class I Devices
59024Universal patient tubing holder non-sterileClass I Devices
A heat reflective jacket designed to prevent hypothermia and shockA heat reflective jacket designed to prevent hypothermia and shock
A radiant heat reflective emergency bag to treat shock and hypothermiaA radiant heat reflective emergency bag to treat shock and hypothermia
A1Measuring and mixing devices for medicinesClass I Devices
A1Measuring Cups/Spoons/DroppersClass I Devices
A1Medical measuring dosage spoons and oral dosage syringes Class I Devices
A1Medical measuring dosage spoons and oral dosage syringesClass I Devices
A2Inhalation Devices (E.G. Chamber Spacers) Class I Devices
A2Inhalation Devices (E.G. Chamber Spacers)Class I Devices
A3Sets - Solution/Irrigation (Gravity Only) Class I Devices
A3Sets - Solution/Irrigation (Gravity Only)Class I Devices
A4Syringes (Hypodermic/Oral/Irrigation) Class I Devices
A4Syringes (Hypodermic/Oral/Irrigation)Class I Devices
A4Syringes (Hypodermic/Oral/Irrigation)Class I
A5Dispensers (Cement Etc.) And AccessoriesClass I
A5Dispensers (Cement, Etc.) And Accessories Class I Devices
A5Dispensers (Cement, Etc.) And AccessoriesClass I Devices
A6Sensitivity Testing DevicesClass I Devices
A7Non-Active Autoinjector Devices Class I Devices
A7Non-Active Autoinjector DevicesClass I Devices
A8Non-Active Infusion Devices And Accessories Class I Devices
A8Non-Active Infusion Devices And AccessoriesClass I Devices
Abdominal aorta endovascular stent-graftAbdominal aorta endovascular stent-graft
Abdominal hernia surgical mesh, synthetic polymerAbdominal hernia surgical mesh, synthetic polymer
Abdominal hernia truss, reusableAbdominal hernia truss, reusable
Abdominal retractor, self-retaining, fixedAbdominal retractor, self-retaining, fixed
Abdominal scissorsAbdominal scissors
Abdominal/intestinal spatulaAbdominal/intestinal spatula
Abrasive Skin Preparation TabsAbrasive Skin Preparation Tabs
Absorbent tipped applicator, non-sterile Absorbent tipped applicator, non-sterile Class I Devices
Absorbent tipped applicator, non-sterileAbsorbent tipped applicator, non-sterile
Absorbent tipped applicator, non-sterileAbsorbent tipped applicator, non-sterileClass I Devices
Absorbent underpad, non-sterileAbsorbent underpad, non-sterile
Accessories For Implantable Devices (Non-Invasive)Accessories For Implantable Devices (Non-Invasive)
Accessory, bite block, for endoscope Accessory, bite block, for endoscope Class I Devices
Acetabular augmentation implantAcetabular augmentation implant
Acetabular orthopaedic reamerAcetabular orthopaedic reamer
Acetabular shellAcetabular shell
Acetabulum prosthesis hole plugAcetabulum prosthesis hole plug
Acetabulum prosthesisAcetabulum prosthesis
Acetabulum trial prosthesis, reusableAcetabulum trial prosthesis, reusable
Acoustic rhinometerAcoustic rhinometer
Actibalm (Moisturising Balm)Actibalm (Moisturising Balm)
Active-support bandage Active-support bandage Class I Devices
Active CablesActive Cables
Active Medical Device Accessories (e.g. batteries, chargers, power supply units)Active Medical Device Accessories (e.g. batteries, chargers, power supply units)
Acupressure Devices and Copper BraceletsAcupressure Devices and Copper Bracelets
Acupuncture electrical stimulation systemAcupuncture electrical stimulation system
Adenoid curetteAdenoid curette
Adenoid curetteAdenoid curetteClass I
Adenoid punchAdenoid punch
Adhesive bandage Adhesive bandage Class I Devices
Adhesive bandageAdhesive bandage
Adhesive Plasters/Dressings/Tapes/Barrier FilmsAdhesive Plasters/Dressings/Tapes/Barrier Films
Adhesive Plate Cables, FootswitchesAdhesive Plate Cables, Footswitches
Adhesive tape, Adhesive tape, Class I Devices
Adhesive Adhesive Class I Devices
Adjustable ChairsAdjustable Chairs
Adjustor-Pro Chiropractic Adjusting Instrument ELAdjustor-Pro Chiropractic Adjusting Instrument EL
Adjustor Pro" - Chiropractic Adusting InstrumentAdjustor Pro" - Chiropractic Adusting Instrument
Administration DeviceAdministration Device
Adult nappyAdult nappy
Advabond - SILICONE ADHESIVE - Non SterileAdvabond - SILICONE ADHESIVE - Non Sterile
Advasil- Silicone Gel Dressing for Scars (Sterile)Advasil- Silicone Gel Dressing for Scars (Sterile)
Aerosol face mask, non-rebreathingAerosol face mask, non-rebreathing
Agar dental impression materialAgar dental impression material
Aids For Daily Living (Bathing And Toilet)Aids For Daily Living (Bathing And Toilet)
Aids For Daily Living (Other)Aids For Daily Living (Other)
Aids For Daily Living (Seating And Support)Aids For Daily Living (Seating And Support)
Air-filled bed mattress overlayAir-filled bed mattress overlay
Airway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And AccessoriesAirway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And Accessories
Airway emergency clearance/suction plungerAirway emergency clearance/suction plunger
Airway emergency clearance/suction system, electricAirway emergency clearance/suction system, electric
Airway obstruction forcepsAirway obstruction forceps
Airway pressure monitor, non-poweredAirway pressure monitor, non-powered
Airway pressure/oxygen monitor Airway pressure/oxygen monitor Class I Devices
Airway tube forceps, reusableAirway tube forceps, reusable
Airway tube forceps, single-useAirway tube forceps, single-use
Airway, Airway, Class I Devices
Alcohol Preparation Pads For Use For General Cleaning On Unbroken Skin (Not Measurable)Alcohol Preparation Pads For Use For General Cleaning On Unbroken Skin (Not Measurable)
Alcohol WipesAlcohol Wipes
Alginate dental impression materialAlginate dental impression material
Alkaline Detergent 9012Alkaline Detergent 9012
Allergen Resistant BeddingAllergen Resistant Bedding
Alternating-pressure bed mattress overlay systemAlternating-pressure bed mattress overlay system
Alternating-pressure bed mattress system Alternating-pressure bed mattress system Class I Devices
Alternating-pressure bed mattress systemAlternating-pressure bed mattress system
Alternating-pressure chair cushion systemAlternating-pressure chair cushion system
Ambulatory recorder conductive patchAmbulatory recorder conductive patchClass I Devices
Amniotic membrane perforator, reusableAmniotic membrane perforator, reusable
Amniotic trocarAmniotic trocarClass I Devices
Amniotome, reusableAmniotome, reusable
Amputation knifeAmputation knife
Anaesthesia breathing circuit, reusableAnaesthesia breathing circuit, reusable
Anaesthesia breathing circuit, single-use, non-sterileAnaesthesia breathing circuit, single-use, non-sterile
Anaesthesia conduction catheter holder, sterileAnaesthesia conduction catheter holder, sterile
Anaesthesia conduction filterAnaesthesia conduction filter
Anaesthesia face mask, reusableAnaesthesia face mask, reusable
Anaesthesia face mask, single-useAnaesthesia face mask, single-use
Anaesthesia kit, epidural Anaesthesia kit, epidural Class I Devices
Anaesthesia unit, mobileAnaesthesia unit, mobile
Anaesthesia workstation, general-purposeAnaesthesia workstation, general-purpose
Anaesthetic devices and accessoriesAnaesthetic devices and accessories
Anaesthetic gas scavenging unit Anaesthetic gas scavenging unit Class I Devices
Anaesthetic SundriesAnaesthetic Sundries
Analgesic PENS system probe, single-useAnalgesic PENS system probe, single-use
Analgesic PENS systemAnalgesic PENS system
Analgesic TENS systemAnalgesic TENS system
Analgesic TENS systemAnalgesic TENS systemClass I Devices
Analytical non-scalp cutaneous electrodeAnalytical non-scalp cutaneous electrode
Analytical scalp electrode, reusable Analytical scalp electrode, reusable Class I Devices
Analytical scalp electrode, single-use Analytical scalp electrode, single-use Products Covered By Article 12
Aneroid manual sphygmomanometer Aneroid manual sphygmomanometer Class I Devices
Aneroid manual sphygmomanometerAneroid manual sphygmomanometer
Aneurysm clip applierAneurysm clip applier
Angiographic drape Angiographic drape Class I Devices
Angiographic syringe Angiographic syringe Class I Devices
Angiographic x-ray system application softwareAngiographic x-ray system application software
Angioplasty catheter connector Angioplasty catheter connector Class I Devices
Ankle binder, reusableAnkle binder, reusable
Ankle prosthesis bearingAnkle prosthesis bearing
Ankle trial prosthesisAnkle trial prosthesis
Ankle/foot orthosisAnkle/foot orthosis
Ankle/foot prosthesis Ankle/foot prosthesis Class I Devices
Anorectal mucosa suppositoryAnorectal mucosa suppositoryClass I Devices
Anterior head supports/ neck braces/ cervical collarsAnterior head supports/ neck braces/ cervical collars
Anterior/posterior segment scissors, reusableAnterior/posterior segment scissors, reusable
Anti-Coagulation Software DosingAnti-Coagulation Software Dosing
Anti-suffocation pillowAnti-suffocation pillow
Anti - Suffocation PillowAnti - Suffocation Pillow
Anti Motion Sickness Ear PlugAnti Motion Sickness Ear Plug
Anticoagulation Clinical Decision Support SoftwareAnticoagulation Clinical Decision Support Software
Antimicrobial absorbent underpad, non-sterile Antimicrobial absorbent underpad, non-sterile Class I Devices
Antimicrobial absorbent underpad, non-sterileAntimicrobial absorbent underpad, non-sterileClass I Devices
Antimicrobial bed mattress cover Antimicrobial bed mattress cover Class I Devices
Antimicrobial bed mattress coverAntimicrobial bed mattress coverClass I Devices
Antimicrobial glove/mitten Antimicrobial glove/mitten Class I Devices
Antimicrobial glove/mittenAntimicrobial glove/mittenClass I Devices
Antimicrobial soft corrective contact lens, daily-disposableAntimicrobial soft corrective contact lens, daily-disposable
Antimicrobial soft corrective contact lens, daily-wearAntimicrobial soft corrective contact lens, daily-wear
Antimicrobial wound irrigation solution, non-sterileAntimicrobial wound irrigation solution, non-sterile
Antiseptic swab Antiseptic swab Class I Devices
Antisnoring deviceAntisnoring device
Antisnoring mucosa lubricantAntisnoring mucosa lubricant
Apparatus, suction, patient care Apparatus, suction, patient care Class I Devices
Appliance, colostomy, disposable Appliance, colostomy, disposable Class I Devices
Applicator Brush (Dental Use)Applicator Brush (Dental Use)
Applicator tips, brushes and mixing tipsApplicator tips, brushes and mixing tips
Applicator, absorbent tipped Applicator, absorbent tipped Class I Devices
Applicator, Applicator, Class I Devices
Apron, leaded Apron, leaded Class I Devices
Apron, Apron, Class I Devices
Aquamax body washAquamax body wash
Aquamax skin creamAquamax skin cream
Aquanova BathsAquanova Baths
Aqueous/vitreous humour replacement medium Aqueous/vitreous humour replacement medium Products Covered By Article 12
Armboard, reusableArmboard, reusable
Armrest/arm support cover, non-sterile Armrest/arm support cover, non-sterile Class I Devices
Arm/leg tourniquet, reusableArm/leg tourniquet, reusable
Arm/leg tourniquet, single-useArm/leg tourniquet, single-use
Arm/leg tourniquet, single-useArm/leg tourniquet, single-useClass I Devices
Arterial blood sampling kitArterial blood sampling kit
Artery clampArtery clampClass I
Arthrodesis nail, non-sterileArthrodesis nail, non-sterile
Arthrodesis nail, sterileArthrodesis nail, sterile
ArthrometerArthrometerClass I Devices
Arthroscopic access cannula, single-useArthroscopic access cannula, single-use
Arthroscopic irrigation/insufflation systemArthroscopic irrigation/insufflation system
Arthroscopic obturatorArthroscopic obturator
Arthroscopic probeArthroscopic probe
Arthroscopic shaver system blade, single-useArthroscopic shaver system blade, single-use
Arthroscopic surgical procedure kit, non-medicated, reusableArthroscopic surgical procedure kit, non-medicated, reusable
Arthroscopic surgical procedure kit, non-medicated, single-useArthroscopic surgical procedure kit, non-medicated, single-use
Arthroscopic suturing needleArthroscopic suturing needle
Arthroscopic suturing unitArthroscopic suturing unit
Articulating Paper/SprayArticulating Paper/Spray
Artificial airway stylet, reusableArtificial airway stylet, reusable
Artificial airway stylet, single-useArtificial airway stylet, single-use
Artificial EyesArtificial Eyes
Artificial NipplesArtificial Nipples
Artificial salivaArtificial saliva
Artificial TeethArtificial Teeth
Aspirators, dental, saliva ejectorAspirators, dental, saliva ejectorClass I Devices
Assisted-reproduction micromanipulator, electricAssisted-reproduction micromanipulator, electric
Assisted reproduction catheter setAssisted reproduction catheter set
Assisted reproduction catheterAssisted reproduction catheter
Assisted reproduction heater/incubatorAssisted reproduction heater/incubator
Assisted reproduction laser systemAssisted reproduction laser system
Assisted reproduction microtoolAssisted reproduction microtool
Assistive coat Assistive coat Class I Devices
Assistive crawler/mobility boardAssistive crawler/mobility board
Assistive dining table Assistive dining table Class I Devices
Assistive hand-propelled tricycleAssistive hand-propelled tricycle
Assistive manual toothbrush, reusableAssistive manual toothbrush, reusableClass I Devices
Assistive nail file/emery boardAssistive nail file/emery board