Manufacturer's Devices - Red Fox Medical Ltd


Robert Denholm House Bletchingley Road



United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Wound ManagerClass I
Bandages (Eg Support/Tubular/Adhesive/Plaster Of Paris/Cast Liners/Resin)Class I
Cotton Wool/Gauze/Non Woven/PVA(Ribbons/Swab/Buds)Class I
Adhesive Plasters/Dressings/Tapes/Barrier FilmsClass I
Orthopaedic Casting/Support Products And AccessoriesClass I
Compression Hosiery/GarmentsClass I
Tubes (Oesophageal/Rectal) And AccessoriesClass I
Non-Invasive Drainage Devices And AccessoriesClass I
Ostomy Collection Devices And AccessoriesClass I
Incontinence Devices /Pads And AccessoriesClass I
Urinary Bags And AccessoriesClass I
Non-Invasive Tubing (Waste Disposal)Class I
Penile SheathsClass I
Urinary Catheters (Transient Use) And AccessoriesClass I
Nasal SpeculumClass I
Measuring and mixing devices for medicinesClass I
Inhalation Devices (E.G. Chamber Spacers)Class I
Syringes (Hypodermic/Oral/Irrigation)Class I