Manufacturer's Devices - Performance Health Int


Nunn Brook Road Huthwaite



United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Thermometers (Clinical)Class I
Hospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsClass I
Patient Hoists/ Transfer Aids And AccessoriesClass I
Orthopaedic FootwareClass I
Traction And Surgical Immobilisation DevicesClass I
Rehabilitation EquipmentClass I
Splints (Limb/Body/Ear) / CollarsClass I
Postural Support ProductsClass I
Orthoses And Prostheses - External (Made Direct From Casts/Prescriptions)Class I
Pressure Relief Devices And AccessoriesClass I
Wheelchairs (Non-Powered) And AccessoriesClass I
Stretchers/Chairs/Hospital Trolleys (Patient Transport)Class I
Wheelchairs (Powered) And AccessoriesClass I
Basic skin adhesive tapeClass I
Tubular support bandage non-latex reusableClass I
Compression/pressure shirt/pantsClass I
Elbow crutchClass I
Implantable incontinence-control electrical stimulation systemClass I
Electrode/transducer strap reusableClass I
Examination/treatment table manualClass I
Gait analysis systemClass I
Manual goniometerClass I
Single-base walking stickClass I
Orthotic insole prefabricatedClass I
Pelvic floor muscle exerciserClass I
Arm/leg tourniquet single-useClass I
Patient/medical device walkerClass I
Biomechanical function analysis system force-testing portableClass I
Hot/cold therapy pack reusableClass I
Body elastic exerciserClass I
Raised toilet seatClass I
Basic walker foldableClass I
Shower seat non-poweredClass I