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Code Name Type
Hospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsHospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsClass I
Basic electric home bedBasic electric home bedClass I
Foam-filled chair cushionFoam-filled chair cushionClass I
Patient lifting system divided leg slingPatient lifting system divided leg slingClass I
Stand-up mobile patient lifting system sling/harnessStand-up mobile patient lifting system sling/harnessClass I
General-purpose patient lifting system sling/harnessGeneral-purpose patient lifting system sling/harnessClass I
Gel-filled chair cushionGel-filled chair cushionClass I
Alternating-pressure chair cushion systemAlternating-pressure chair cushion systemClass I
Alternating-pressure bed mattress overlay systemAlternating-pressure bed mattress overlay systemClass I
Alternating-pressure bed mattress systemAlternating-pressure bed mattress systemClass I
Flame-resistant bed mattressFlame-resistant bed mattressClass I
Foam bed mattressFoam bed mattressClass I
Patient transfer/turning sheetPatient transfer/turning sheetClass I
Patient lifting system hammock slingPatient lifting system hammock slingClass I