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CF14 5GF

United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Urinary Bags And AccessoriesClass I
Non-Invasive Tubing (Waste Disposal)
Penile Sheaths
Urinary Catheters (Transient Use) And Accessories
Ostomy Collection Devices And Accessories
Syringes (Hypodermic/Oral/Irrigation)
Indwelling urethral drainage balloon catheter non-antimicrobial
Urinary catheter holder
Closed-ended non-wearable urine collection bag non-sterile
Urinary incontinence penis sheath/port single-use non-sterile
Intermittent urethral drainage catheter non-antimicrobial reusable
Open-ended non-wearable urine collection bag non-sterile
Non-wearable urine collection bag open-ended
Wearable urine collection bag open-ended
Catheter-connected infant/paediatric urine collection bag closed-ended
Urethral/suprapubic catheter valve-connector
Personal device holder reusable
Non-wearable urine/faecal collection bag holder