Manufacturer's Devices - Saudi Mais Co. for Medical Products


Al-Khraj Road

Third Industrial Area

Street No 256

Riyadh - 14335 - 7599 ,

Saudi Arabia

Serilization: N

Authorised Representative
Name: Advena Ltd

Pure Offices

Plato Close


CV34 6WE

United Kingdom

Code Name Type
D1Bandages (Eg Support/Tubular/Adhesive/Plaster Of Paris/Cast Liners/Resin)Class I Devices
C5StethoscopesClass I Devices
H6Pre-Operative Devices (Razor/Marker Pen)Class I Devices
D4Eye Occlusion Plasters/Shields And Corneal ShieldsClass I Devices
H7Airway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And AccessoriesClass I Devices
H9Surgical Instrument AccessoriesClass I Devices
H2Tubes (Oesophageal/Rectal) And AccessoriesClass I Devices
H4Incision Drapes/Theatre ClothingClass I Devices
C2Electrodes/Transducers And AccessoriesClass I Devices
E4Patient Hoists/ Transfer Aids And AccessoriesClass I Devices
H1Umbilical Clamps/TapeClass I Devices
Z116Vaginal SpeculumsClass I Devices
H8Non-Invasive Drainage Devices And AccessoriesClass I Devices
A2Inhalation Devices (E.G. Chamber Spacers)Class I Devices
L3Oral Hygiene Packs Products Covered By Article 12
C1Conductive Gels Class I Devices
Z218Lubricants (instruments/electrode pads) Class I Devices
C6Thermometers (Clinical) Class I Devices
D2Cotton Wool/Gauze/Non Woven/PVA(Ribbons/Swab/Buds) Class I Devices
E13Warming And Cooling Pads And Blankets (Non-Active And Non-Chemical) Class I Devices
A1Medical measuring dosage spoons and oral dosage syringes Class I Devices
A4Syringes (Hypodermic/Oral/Irrigation) Class I Devices
A8Non-Active Infusion Devices And Accessories Class I Devices
C3Peak Flow Meters Class I Devices
C4Sphygmomanometers And Accessories Class I Devices
C9Endoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And Accessories Class I Devices
E1Allergen Resistant Bedding Class I Devices
E2Examination/Treatment Couches And Leg/Arm Rests Class I Devices
E8Traction And Surgical Immobilisation Devices Class I Devices
E12Resuscitation Devices (Non-Active) And Accessories Class I Devices
J3Urinary Bags And Accessories Class I Devices
J6Urinary Catheters (Transient Use) And Accessories Class I Devices
Z 50Cleaner/ Washer for medical devicesClass I Devices
E3Hospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsClass I Devices
Z154Tourniquets and Tourniquet MachinesClass I Devices
Z146Head Lice Devices Class I Devices
H3Enema and douche devices Class I Devices
Z128MRI Array Shoulder Coils (Receive Only)Class I Devices
Z50Cleaner/ Washer for medical devicesClass I Devices