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Oral and Maxillofacial Laboratory Clinic 11

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Warwickshire CV2 2DX

United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Dental occlusal splint custom-madeDental occlusal splint custom-made
Cranioplasty plate alterableCranioplasty plate alterable
Nasal dilatorNasal dilator
Nasal septal buttonNasal septal button
Orthognathic surgery intraoperative occlusal positionerOrthognathic surgery intraoperative occlusal positioner
Custom-made dental anatomy modelCustom-made dental anatomy model
Osteotomy guide single-useOsteotomy guide single-use
Custom-made organ/bone anatomy modelCustom-made organ/bone anatomy model
Custom-made organ/bone anatomy model/surgical guide kitCustom-made organ/bone anatomy model/surgical guide kit
Eyelid weight implantableEyelid weight implantable
External ear prosthesis implantableExternal ear prosthesis implantable
Surgical implant template single-useSurgical implant template single-use
External facial prosthesisExternal facial prosthesis
Dental appliance/prosthesis connectorDental appliance/prosthesis connector
Craniofacial fixation plate non-bioabsorbableCraniofacial fixation plate non-bioabsorbable
Nipple prosthesis externalNipple prosthesis external
External nasal splintExternal nasal splint
Vacuum mouldable splintVacuum mouldable splint
Complete lower dentureComplete lower denture
Complete upper dentureComplete upper denture
Denture clasp metal custom-madeDenture clasp metal custom-made
Dental implant suprastructure permanent custom-madeDental implant suprastructure permanent custom-made
Orthodontic clasp metal wire custom-madeOrthodontic clasp metal wire custom-made
Orthodontic clasp metal custom-madeOrthodontic clasp metal custom-made
Orthodontic palate expander/teeth aligner bondedOrthodontic palate expander/teeth aligner bonded
Orthodontic retainerOrthodontic retainer
Dental CAD/CAM system laboratoryDental CAD/CAM system laboratory
Partial denturePartial denture
External nose prosthesisExternal nose prosthesis
Partial-hand prosthesisPartial-hand prosthesis
Passive hand prosthesisPassive hand prosthesis
Finger/thumb prosthesisFinger/thumb prosthesis
Eyeball prosthesis custom-madeEyeball prosthesis custom-made
External breast prosthesisExternal breast prosthesis
Orbital rim prosthesisOrbital rim prosthesis
Custom-made cranial bone prosthesisCustom-made cranial bone prosthesis
Custom-made cushionCustom-made cushion
Custom-made medical device mountCustom-made medical device mount
Custom-made mouthguardCustom-made mouthguard
Custom-made orthopaedic/craniofacial surgical guideCustom-made orthopaedic/craniofacial surgical guide
Dental implantation drilling template custom-madeDental implantation drilling template custom-made
Scar management dressing single-use non-sterileScar management dressing single-use non-sterile
Bar dental precision attachmentBar dental precision attachment
Radiotherapy protection spacerRadiotherapy protection spacer
Dental bridge polymerDental bridge polymer
Custom-made dental crown polymerCustom-made dental crown polymer
Custom-made dental crown metalCustom-made dental crown metal
Mandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosisMandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosis
Facial mandibular prosthesisFacial mandibular prosthesis
Bite registration rimBite registration rim
Dental impression tray single-useDental impression tray single-use
Fluoride gel trayFluoride gel tray
Dental prosthesis bite verification deviceDental prosthesis bite verification device
Temporary maxillomandibular fixation setTemporary maxillomandibular fixation set
Orthodontic appliance system self-removableOrthodontic appliance system self-removable
Dental base plateDental base plate
Earmould custom-madeEarmould custom-made
Eye patchEye patch
Mastication muscle exerciserMastication muscle exerciser
Mandible-repositioning/palate-lifting sleep-disordered breathing orthosisMandible-repositioning/palate-lifting sleep-disordered breathing orthosis
Maxillofacial bone wire/barMaxillofacial bone wire/bar
Moustache/beard prosthesisMoustache/beard prosthesis
Nasal cavity stent removable custom-madeNasal cavity stent removable custom-made
Orthodontic springOrthodontic spring
Tracheostoma buttonTracheostoma button
Scleral shellScleral shell
Mandibular condyle prosthesisMandibular condyle prosthesis
Maxillofacial impression trayMaxillofacial impression tray
Palate prosthesisPalate prosthesis