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Code/Term Type
Electrocardiograph professional multichannelElectrocardiograph professional multichannelClass IIa
Electrocardiograph professional single-channelElectrocardiograph professional single-channelClass IIa
General-purpose multi-parameter bedside monitorGeneral-purpose multi-parameter bedside monitorClass IIa
Centralized patient monitorCentralized patient monitorClass IIb
Multiple physiological parameter spot-check system clinicalMultiple physiological parameter spot-check system clinicalClass IIa
Neonatal multi-parameter bedside monitorNeonatal multi-parameter bedside monitorClass IIb
Infrared patient thermometer earInfrared patient thermometer earClass IIa
Anaesthesia workstation gas scavengerAnaesthesia workstation gas scavengerClass IIa
General utility supply system ceiling-mountedGeneral utility supply system ceiling-mountedClass IIb
Pulmonary resuscitator pneumatic reusablePulmonary resuscitator pneumatic reusableClass IIb
Infant warmerInfant warmerClass IIb
Heated respiratory humidifierHeated respiratory humidifierClass IIb
General-purpose light sourceGeneral-purpose light sourceClass I
Medical gas pipeline systemMedical gas pipeline systemClass I
Bedside infusion pump single-channelBedside infusion pump single-channelClass IIb
Neonatal intensive-care ventilatorNeonatal intensive-care ventilatorClass IIb
Oxygen/air breathing gas mixer hospitalOxygen/air breathing gas mixer hospitalClass IIb
Conventional infant incubatorConventional infant incubatorClass IIb
General-purpose multi-parameter bedside monitorGeneral-purpose multi-parameter bedside monitorClass IIb
Foetal cardiac monitorFoetal cardiac monitorClass IIb
Bedside syringe pumpBedside syringe pumpClass IIb
Anaesthesia workstation general-purposeAnaesthesia workstation general-purposeClass IIb
Physiologic-monitoring defibrillation systemPhysiologic-monitoring defibrillation systemClass IIb
Central venous catheter navigation system electrocardiographicCentral venous catheter navigation system electrocardiographicClass IIb
Overhead infant phototherapy unitOverhead infant phototherapy unitClass IIa
Sequential venous compression system pumpSequential venous compression system pumpClass IIa
Video intubation laryngoscope bladeVideo intubation laryngoscope bladeClass I
Vascular guide-catheter single-useVascular guide-catheter single-useClass I
General-purpose intensive-care ventilatorGeneral-purpose intensive-care ventilatorClass IIb
Transport electric ventilatorTransport electric ventilatorClass IIb
Flexible video intubation laryngoscope reusableFlexible video intubation laryngoscope reusableClass I
Neonatal bedNeonatal bedClass I
Universal operating table electrohydraulicUniversal operating table electrohydraulicClass I
Circulating-fluid whole-body heating/cooling system control unitCirculating-fluid whole-body heating/cooling system control unitClass IIb