Manufacturer's Devices - The Argen Corporation


8515 Miralani Dr

San Diego

CA CA 92126

United States

Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person
Name: Skillbond Direct Ltd

8 The Valley Centre Gordon Road

High Wycombe

Buckinghamshire HP13 6EQ

United Kingdom

Code/Term Type
Dental casting noble alloyDental casting noble alloyClass IIa
Dental casting non-noble alloyDental casting non-noble alloyClass IIa
Dental soldering alloyDental soldering alloyClass IIa
Dental appliance fabrication material ceramicDental appliance fabrication material ceramicClass IIa
Orthodontic progressive alignerOrthodontic progressive aligner
Dental appliance fabrication material resinDental appliance fabrication material resinClass IIa
Temporary dental crown/bridge resinTemporary dental crown/bridge resinClass IIa
Dental implant abutment analog laboratoryDental implant abutment analog laboratoryClass IIb
Dental implant suprastructure permanent preformedDental implant suprastructure permanent preformedClass IIb
Dental implant abutment analog scanningDental implant abutment analog scanningClass IIb
Dental prosthesis/implant abutment screwDental prosthesis/implant abutment screwClass IIb