Manufacturer's Devices - The Orthodontic and Restorative Dentistry Dental Laboratory


Groby Road Glenfield Hospital


Leicestershire LE3 9QP

United Kingdom

Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person

Code/Term Type
Temporary dental crown/bridgeClass IIa
Custom-made dental anatomy modelClass I
Temporary dental crown/bridge resinClass I
Dental veneer professionalClass IIa
Gold dental inlayClass IIa
Resin dental inlayClass IIa
Ceramic dental inlayClass IIa
Custom-made dental crown ceramicClass IIa
Custom-made dental crown metalClass IIa
Custom-made dental crown metal/ceramicClass IIa
Bonded dental bridgeClass IIa
Dental bridge ceramicClass IIa
Dental bridge metal-ceramicClass IIa
Dental bridge metal-polymerClass IIa
Dental bridge polymerClass IIa
Sliding dental precision attachmentClass IIa
Resilient dental precision attachmentClass IIa
Dental implantation drilling template custom-madeClass I
Dental implant suprastructure temporary custom-madeClass IIa
Dental implant suprastructure permanent preformedClass IIb
Dental implant suprastructure permanent custom-madeClass IIb
Dental implant suprastructure temporary preformed single-useClass I
Dental implant abutment analog laboratoryClass I
Dental implant abutment trialClass I
Dental implant analogClass I
Dental prosthesis/implant abutment screwClass IIb
Dental impression tray single-useClass I
FacebowClass I
Dental base plateClass I
Bite registration rim waxClass I
Partial dentureClass I
Complete upper dentureClass I
Complete lower dentureClass I
OverdentureClass I
Denture reliner hardClass I
Denture reliner soft professionalClass I
Denture clasp metal custom-madeClass I
Orthodontic clasp metal wire custom-madeClass I
Orthodontic clasp metal custom-madeClass I
Orthodontic retainerClass I
Orthodontic extraoral headgearClass I
Dental occlusal splint custom-madeClass I
Orthodontic archwireClass I
Dental appliance/prosthesis connectorClass I
Custom-made mouthguardClass I
Fluoride gel trayClass I
Mandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosisClass I
Palate prosthesisClass I
Gold artificial teethClass I
Dental Appliances/ProsthesesClass I