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Via Ponte a Quaracchi 50

Sesto Fiorentino

Firenze 50019


Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person
Name: Cyberpan Support Services Ltd

The Union Suite The Union Building

51-59 Rose Lane


Norfolk NR1 1BY

England United Kingdom

Code/Term Type
Orthodontic retainerOrthodontic retainerClass IIa
Orthodontic bracket adhesiveOrthodontic bracket adhesiveClass IIa
Dental soldering alloyDental soldering alloyClass IIa
Orthodontic bracket metalOrthodontic bracket metalClass IIa
Orthodontic tubeOrthodontic tubeClass IIa
Orthodontic archwireOrthodontic archwireClass IIa
Orthodontic archwire/bracket ligatureOrthodontic archwire/bracket ligatureClass IIa
Orthodontic anchoring screwOrthodontic anchoring screwClass IIb
Orthodontic retainerOrthodontic retainerClass IIb
Orthodontic metal bandOrthodontic metal bandClass IIa
Orthodontic retainerOrthodontic retainerClass I
Orthodontic wireOrthodontic wireClass I
Denture base resin kitDenture base resin kitClass I
Orthodontic inter-arch elastic bandOrthodontic inter-arch elastic bandClass I
Orthodontic face bowOrthodontic face bowClass I
Orthodontic extraoral headgearOrthodontic extraoral headgearClass I
Orthodontic pliersOrthodontic pliersClass I
Dental implant systemDental implant systemClass I
Orthodontic pliersOrthodontic pliersClass I
Dental implant suprastructure temporary preformed single-useDental implant suprastructure temporary preformed single-useClass I
Dental implant abutment analog scanningDental implant abutment analog scanningClass I
Orthodontic retainerOrthodontic retainerClass I
Mandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosisMandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosisClass I
Wax dental impression materialWax dental impression materialClass I
Orthodontic appliance relief materialOrthodontic appliance relief materialClass I