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Code Name Type
Orthoses (Lower And Upper Limb/Spinal/Abdominal/Neck/Head)Class I
External Limb Prostheses And AccessoriesClass I
Orthoses And Prostheses - External (Made Direct From Casts/Prescriptions)Class I
External limb prosthesis socket linerClass I
External lower-limb prosthesis axial rotator/load attenuatorClass I
Mechatronic external knee prosthesisClass I
Hydraulic/pneumatic external knee prosthesisClass I
Mechatronic external ankle-foot prosthesisClass I
External limb prosthesis finishing component non-customizedClass I
External limb prosthesis socket shell fabrication materialClass I
External lower-limb prosthesis socket non-customizedClass I
External lower-limb prosthesis structural/alignment componentClass I
Mechanical-resistance external ankle-foot prosthesisClass I
Mechanical-resistance external knee prosthesisClass I
Multiple-joint external lower-limb prosthesis systemClass I
Hydraulic/pneumatic external ankle-foot prosthesisClass I