Manufacturer's Devices - Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Preston Road Chorley and South Ribble General Hospital


Lancashire PR7 1PP

England United Kingdom

Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person
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Code/Term Type
General surgical procedure kit non-medicated reusableGeneral surgical procedure kit non-medicated reusable
Wound dressing kit non-medicated sterileWound dressing kit non-medicated sterile
Ward Dressing PacksWard Dressing Packs
Theatre Dressing PacksTheatre Dressing Packs
Ophthalmic Surgical Procedure PacksOphthalmic Surgical Procedure Packs
Orthodontic Procedure PacksOrthodontic Procedure Packs
Surgical Procedure Packs (Includes Instruments Supplied Singularly)Surgical Procedure Packs (Includes Instruments Supplied Singularly)
Endoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And AccessoriesEndoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And Accessories