Manufacturer's Devices - Urathon Europe Ltd


Thane House Hilmarton


Wiltshire SN11 8SB

United Kingdom

Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person
Name: Not Available


Code/Term Type
Shower seat non-poweredShower seat non-poweredClass I
Standing stoolStanding stoolClass I
Overbed tableOverbed tableClass I
Height-adjustable toilet bracket manualHeight-adjustable toilet bracket manualClass I
CommodeCommodeClass I
BedrailBedrailClass I
Utility trolleyUtility trolleyClass I
Patient transfer system manualPatient transfer system manualClass I
Elbow crutchElbow crutchClass I
Axillary crutchAxillary crutchClass I
Wheelchairs (Non-Powered) And AccessoriesWheelchairs (Non-Powered) And AccessoriesClass I