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11 Balena Close Creekmoor


Dorset BH17 7DB

United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Sphygmomanometers And AccessoriesSphygmomanometers And AccessoriesClass I
StethoscopesStethoscopesClass I
Thermometers (Clinical)Thermometers (Clinical)Class I
Endoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And AccessoriesEndoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And AccessoriesClass I
Laryngoscopes/Otoscopes And AccessoriesLaryngoscopes/Otoscopes And AccessoriesClass I
Examination/Treatment Couches And Leg/Arm RestsExamination/Treatment Couches And Leg/Arm RestsClass I
Hospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsHospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsClass I
Treatment Chairs (Chiropody/Dental/Ophthalmic)Treatment Chairs (Chiropody/Dental/Ophthalmic)Class I
Medical Examination LuminairesMedical Examination LuminairesClass I
Resuscitation Devices (Non-Active) And AccessoriesResuscitation Devices (Non-Active) And AccessoriesClass I
Lamps (Ophthalmic Examination)Lamps (Ophthalmic Examination)Class I
Fundas Cameras/Keratometers/Slit Lamp Microscopes and Associated SoftwareFundas Cameras/Keratometers/Slit Lamp Microscopes and Associated SoftwareClass I
Operating Room Microscopes/Magnification Systems and AccessoriesOperating Room Microscopes/Magnification Systems and AccessoriesClass I
Ophthalmascopes/RetinascopesOphthalmascopes/RetinascopesClass I
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class I
Airway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And AccessoriesAirway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And AccessoriesClass I
Pre-Operative Devices (Razor/Marker Pen)Pre-Operative Devices (Razor/Marker Pen)Class I
Tourniquets and Tourniquet MachinesTourniquets and Tourniquet MachinesClass I
Eye SpeculumsEye SpeculumsClass I
Nasal SpeculumNasal SpeculumClass I
Vaginal SpeculumsVaginal SpeculumsClass I
Ear speculum reusableEar speculum reusableClass I
Laryngoscope handle reusableLaryngoscope handle reusableClass I
Ophthalmic slit lamp examinationOphthalmic slit lamp examinationClass I
Constant-voltage transformerConstant-voltage transformerClass I
Mobile examination/treatment room lightMobile examination/treatment room lightClass I
Direct ophthalmoscopeDirect ophthalmoscopeClass I
Ear speculum single-useEar speculum single-useClass I
Head-worn lampHead-worn lampClass I
Laryngoscope blade reusableLaryngoscope blade reusableClass I
Retinoscope battery-poweredRetinoscope battery-poweredClass I
Surgical binoculars reusableSurgical binoculars reusableClass I
Indirect binocular ophthalmoscopeIndirect binocular ophthalmoscopeClass I
Ophthalmic/otologic diagnostic setOphthalmic/otologic diagnostic setClass I
Dermatoscope opticalDermatoscope opticalClass I
Otoscope directOtoscope directClass I
Head-worn lampHead-worn lampClass I
Ophthalmic knife single-useOphthalmic knife single-useClass IIa
Skin-coring punch single-useSkin-coring punch single-useClass IIa