Manufacturer's Devices - Merivaara Corp.



Puustellintie 2




Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person
Name: Merivaara Corporation

6th Floor 1 London Wall


City and County of the City EC2Y 5EB

England United Kingdom

Code/Term Type
Operating room light systemOperating room light systemClass I
Universal operating table electrohydraulicUniversal operating table electrohydraulicClass I
Universal operating table electromechanicalUniversal operating table electromechanicalClass I
Universal operating table hydraulicUniversal operating table hydraulicClass I
Operating room audiovisual data/device management systemOperating room audiovisual data/device management systemClass I
Operating room equipment remote controlOperating room equipment remote controlClass I
X-ray film cassette holderX-ray film cassette holderClass I
ENT headrestENT headrestClass I
Orthopaedic operating table accessory trolleyOrthopaedic operating table accessory trolleyClass I
Examination/treatment table paper holderExamination/treatment table paper holderClass I
Medical device storage mountMedical device storage mountClass I
Operating table torso positionerOperating table torso positionerClass I
Limb/torso/head restraint reusableLimb/torso/head restraint reusableClass I
Frame/rail/pole device holderFrame/rail/pole device holderClass I
Operating table neck/shoulder positionerOperating table neck/shoulder positionerClass I
Operating/examination/treatment table headrest reusableOperating/examination/treatment table headrest reusableClass I
Leg procedure positionerLeg procedure positionerClass I
Traction bootTraction bootClass I
General-purpose bowl reusableGeneral-purpose bowl reusableClass I
Medical device service rail clampMedical device service rail clampClass I
Operating table orthopaedic extensionOperating table orthopaedic extensionClass I
Gas cylinder holderGas cylinder holderClass I
Operating table accessory trolleyOperating table accessory trolleyClass I
FootrestFootrestClass I
Arm procedure positioner reusableArm procedure positioner reusableClass I
Medical device service railMedical device service railClass I
Anaesthesia screenAnaesthesia screenClass I