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Footlabs Ltd Unit 5 Flockton Business Park

Holbrook Avenue


South Yorkshire S20 3FF

United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Bandages (Eg Support/Tubular/Adhesive/Plaster Of Paris/Cast Liners/Resin)Bandages (Eg Support/Tubular/Adhesive/Plaster Of Paris/Cast Liners/Resin)Class I
Orthoses And Prostheses - External (Made Direct From Casts/Prescriptions)Orthoses And Prostheses - External (Made Direct From Casts/Prescriptions)Class I
Insoles (Made Direct From Casts)Insoles (Made Direct From Casts)Class I
Splints (Limb/Body/Ear)/CollarsSplints (Limb/Body/Ear)/CollarsClass I
Orthoses And Prostheses Procedure PacksOrthoses And Prostheses Procedure Packs
Orthotic insole custom-madeOrthotic insole custom-made
Ankle/foot orthosisAnkle/foot orthosis
Thoracolumbosacral spine orthosis rigidThoracolumbosacral spine orthosis rigid
Thoracolumbosacral spine orthosis flexibleThoracolumbosacral spine orthosis flexible
Orthotic shoe adaptedOrthotic shoe adapted
Knee support orthosisKnee support orthosis