Manufacturer's Devices - Lascod Spa


Via L. Longo 18

Sesto Fiorentino

Firenze 50019


Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person
Name: Cyberpan Support Services Ltd

The Union Suite The Union Building

51-59 Rose Lane


Norfolk NR1 1BY

England United Kingdom

Code/Term Type
Alginate dental impression materialAlginate dental impression materialClass I
Silicone dental impression materialSilicone dental impression materialClass I
Glass ionomer dental cementGlass ionomer dental cementClass IIa
Dental material mixing nozzle non-sterileDental material mixing nozzle non-sterileClass I
Hygroscopic dental cementHygroscopic dental cementClass I
Dental material cartridge-plunging applicator two-component manualDental material cartridge-plunging applicator two-component manualClass I
Ethoxy benzoic acid dental cementEthoxy benzoic acid dental cementClass I
Orthotic insole custom-madeOrthotic insole custom-madeClass I