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Guangdong Province



Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person
Name: SUNGO Certification Company Limited

3rd Floor 70 Gracechurch Street



England United Kingdom

Code/Term Type
Haemodialysis catheterization kitHaemodialysis catheterization kitClass IIa
Invasive-pressure external transducer single-useInvasive-pressure external transducer single-useClass IIb
Invasive blood pressure monitoring tubing setInvasive blood pressure monitoring tubing setClass IIb
Cardiac/peripheral vascular guidewire single-useCardiac/peripheral vascular guidewire single-useClass IIa
Haemostasis valveHaemostasis valveClass IIa
Vascular irrigation cannula coronary artery single-useVascular irrigation cannula coronary artery single-useClass I
Radial artery compression deviceRadial artery compression deviceClass I
Central venous catheterization kit short-termCentral venous catheterization kit short-termClass III
Coronary angioplasty balloon catheter basicCoronary angioplasty balloon catheter basicClass III
Vascular guide-catheter single-useVascular guide-catheter single-useClass III
Cardiac/peripheral vascular guidewire single-useCardiac/peripheral vascular guidewire single-useClass III
Catheter/overtube balloon inflator single-useCatheter/overtube balloon inflator single-useClass I
Vascular catheter introduction set nonimplantableVascular catheter introduction set nonimplantableClass IIa
Intravascular haemodynamic monitoring system guidewireIntravascular haemodynamic monitoring system guidewireClass III
Vascular microcatheterVascular microcatheterClass III
Angiographic catheter single-useAngiographic catheter single-useClass III