Manufacturer's Devices - Eyeline Organisation Ltd


Unit W49 1-9 Barton Road

Bletchley Business Campus

Milton Keynes

Buckinghamshire MK2 3HU

England United Kingdom

Authorised Representative/ UK Responsible Person
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Code/Term Type
Eye Occlusion Plasters/Shields And Corneal ShieldsEye Occlusion Plasters/Shields And Corneal ShieldsClass I
Spectacle LensesSpectacle LensesClass I
Spectacle FramesSpectacle FramesClass I
Ready-Made Spectacles (Non-Prescribed)Ready-Made Spectacles (Non-Prescribed)Class I
Non-Invasive Drainage Devices And AccessoriesNon-Invasive Drainage Devices And AccessoriesClass I
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class I
Pre-Operative Devices (Razor/Marker Pen)Pre-Operative Devices (Razor/Marker Pen)Class I
Surgical Instrument AccessoriesSurgical Instrument AccessoriesClass I
Sterilisation PackagingSterilisation PackagingClass I
Ophthalmascopes/RetinascopesOphthalmascopes/RetinascopesClass I
Ward Dressing PacksWard Dressing Packs
Theatre Dressing PacksTheatre Dressing Packs
Prescribed SpectaclesPrescribed Spectacles
Surgical Procedure Packs (Includes Instruments Supplied Singularly)Surgical Procedure Packs (Includes Instruments Supplied Singularly)
Ophthalmic Surgical Procedure PacksOphthalmic Surgical Procedure Packs