Manufacturer's Devices - Skada Limited


Healthaid House Marlborough Hill



United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Sterilisation PackagingClass I
Measuring and mixing devices for medicinesClass I
Dental Instruments (Re-Usable & Non-Powered)Class I
Handheld Dental Mirrors And AccessoriesClass I
Impression Materials, Trays And Adhesives / Bite Wafers / Bite GaugeClass I
Retraction Cords/Dental Wedges/Rubber Dam/Matrix BandsClass I
Examination/Procedure GlovesClass I
Cotton Wool/Gauze/Non Woven/PVA(Ribbons/Swab/Buds)Class I
Non-Active Autoinjector DevicesClass I
Dental Prophylaxis Paste (Non-Fluoride)Class I
Dental Mouth Wash Tablets/Liquid (Non-Medicated)Class I
Protective Films (Varnish)Class I
Suction Device(Hand Powered,Non-Surgically Invasive)Class I
Tongue And Cheek RetractorsClass I
Lubricants (instruments/electrode pads)Class I
X-Ray Cassettes, Cassette Holders, Image Enhancers And Intensifying ScreensClass I
Dispensers (Cement, Etc.) And AccessoriesClass I
Articulating Paper/SprayClass I
Denture Lining Materials/AdhesivesClass I
X-Ray Film Markers And AccessoriesClass I
Adhesive Plasters/Dressings/Tapes/Barrier FilmsClass I
Surgical Instrument AccessoriesClass I
Ultrasonic Cleaners And SolutionsClass I
Surgical Equipment Sterile DrapesClass I
Base MaterialsClass I
Instrument Cleaning Solutions/Wipes (Non-Disinfecting)Class I
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class I
Airway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And AccessoriesClass I
Syringes (Hypodermic/Oral/Irrigation)Class I
Orthodontic Materials (Extra-Oral/Intra-Oral Transient And Short-Term Use)Class I
Incision Drapes/Theatre ClothingClass I
Dental LightsClass I
Dental Diagnostic Fibre Optic HandpiecesClass I