Manufacturer's Devices - Harvest Healthcare Ltd


Sheaf House Bradmarsh Way


South Yorkshire S60 1BW

England United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Examination/Treatment Couches And Leg/Arm RestsExamination/Treatment Couches And Leg/Arm RestsClass I
Hospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsHospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsClass I
Patient Hoists/ Transfer Aids And AccessoriesPatient Hoists/ Transfer Aids And AccessoriesClass I
Stretchers/Chairs/Hospital Trolleys (Patient Transport)Stretchers/Chairs/Hospital Trolleys (Patient Transport)Class I
Crutch/Walking StickCrutch/Walking StickClass I
Walking Frame/Multi-Leg Walking Aid/Standing FrameWalking Frame/Multi-Leg Walking Aid/Standing FrameClass I
Rollator/MobilatorRollator/MobilatorClass I
Wheelchairs (Non-Powered) And AccessoriesWheelchairs (Non-Powered) And AccessoriesClass I
Foam bed mattressFoam bed mattressClass I
Foam-filled chair cushionFoam-filled chair cushionClass I
Transport wheelchair collapsibleTransport wheelchair collapsible