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United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Bandage scissors reusableBandage scissors reusableClass I
Adenoid curette reusableAdenoid curette reusableClass I
Autopsy knifeAutopsy knifeClass I
Blood scoopBlood scoopClass I
Bone awl reusableBone awl reusableClass I
Bone curette reusableBone curette reusableClass I
Bone cutterBone cutterClass I
Bone file/rasp manual reusableBone file/rasp manual reusableClass I
Bone hookBone hookClass I
Bone-coring punch reusableBone-coring punch reusableClass I
Bone lever/elevator reusableBone lever/elevator reusableClass I
Brain knifeBrain knifeClass I
Cartilage knifeCartilage knifeClass I
Cast cutting scissorsCast cutting scissorsClass I
Cast spreader reusableCast spreader reusableClass I
Cast/plaster knifeCast/plaster knifeClass I
Common bile duct dilatorCommon bile duct dilatorClass I
General-purpose absorbent tip applicator/swab reusableGeneral-purpose absorbent tip applicator/swab reusableClass I
Cranial bur reusableCranial bur reusableClass I
Craniofacial rongeur reusableCraniofacial rongeur reusableClass I
Dental rongeurDental rongeurClass I
Dental amalgam carrierDental amalgam carrierClass I
Dental restoration carver amalgam reusableDental restoration carver amalgam reusableClass I
Dental excavator reusableDental excavator reusableClass I
Dental amalgam condenser reusableDental amalgam condenser reusableClass I
Dental anaesthesia syringe reusableDental anaesthesia syringe reusableClass I
Dental collar/crown scissorsDental collar/crown scissorsClass I
Dental elevator tooth/rootDental elevator tooth/rootClass I
Dental elevator sinus liftDental elevator sinus liftClass I
Dental spatula reusableDental spatula reusableClass I
Dental surgical scissorsDental surgical scissorsClass I
Dressing jarDressing jarClass I
Dura mater knifeDura mater knifeClass I
Ear knifeEar knifeClass I
Ear scissors reusableEar scissors reusableClass I
Ear snareEar snareClass I
Ear speculum reusableEar speculum reusableClass I
Ear canal irrigation syringeEar canal irrigation syringeClass I
Emesis bowl reusableEmesis bowl reusableClass I
Endodontic pluggerEndodontic pluggerClass I
ENT elevatorENT elevatorClass I
ENT probe reusableENT probe reusableClass I
ENT trocar bladeENT trocar bladeClass I
ENT wire-cutting scissorsENT wire-cutting scissorsClass I
Episiotomy scissors reusableEpisiotomy scissors reusableClass I
Ethmoid curetteEthmoid curetteClass I
Fibreoptic retractor handleFibreoptic retractor handleClass I
Flap knifeFlap knifeClass I
Foetal stethoscopeFoetal stethoscopeClass I
Forceps jarForceps jarClass I
Gallstone scoopGallstone scoopClass I
Gastro-urological directorGastro-urological directorClass I
General surgery wound probe/packerGeneral surgery wound probe/packerClass I
General-purpose bowl reusableGeneral-purpose bowl reusableClass I
General-purpose curetteGeneral-purpose curetteClass I
General-purpose surgical spatulaGeneral-purpose surgical spatulaClass I
General-purpose surgical scissors reusableGeneral-purpose surgical scissors reusableClass I
Gynaecological scissors reusableGynaecological scissors reusableClass I
Haemorrhoid ligatorHaemorrhoid ligatorClass I
Hand/finger splint reusableHand/finger splint reusableClass I
Hand-held surgical retractor reusableHand-held surgical retractor reusableClass I
Hand-held urinal femaleHand-held urinal femaleClass I
Hand-held urinal reusableHand-held urinal reusableClass I
Heel stirrupHeel stirrupClass I
Instrument tray reusableInstrument tray reusableClass I
Intrauterine cannula reusableIntrauterine cannula reusableClass I
Intrauterine curette manualIntrauterine curette manualClass I
Intrauterine scoopIntrauterine scoopClass I
Irrigation syringeIrrigation syringeClass I
Ophthalmic surgical probe reusableOphthalmic surgical probe reusableClass I
Laryngeal mirror reusableLaryngeal mirror reusableClass I
Surgical cutting/shaping board reusableSurgical cutting/shaping board reusableClass I
Ligature loop applierLigature loop applierClass I
Manual dental burnisher reusableManual dental burnisher reusableClass I
Manual dental scaler reusableManual dental scaler reusableClass I
Manual orthopaedic bender reusableManual orthopaedic bender reusableClass I
Manual surgical saw flexibleManual surgical saw flexibleClass I
Manual surgical saw rigidManual surgical saw rigidClass I
Mouth gag adjustable reusableMouth gag adjustable reusableClass I
Mouth gag non-adjustableMouth gag non-adjustableClass I
Myoma screw reusableMyoma screw reusableClass I
Nail clippers reusableNail clippers reusableClass I
Nasal chiselNasal chiselClass I
Nasal file/raspNasal file/raspClass I
Nasal gougeNasal gougeClass I
Nasal knifeNasal knifeClass I
Nasal sawNasal sawClass I
Nasal snare reusableNasal snare reusableClass I
Nasal speculum reusableNasal speculum reusableClass I
Suturing needle holder reusableSuturing needle holder reusableClass I
Neurosurgical probeNeurosurgical probeClass I
Open-surgery dissectorOpen-surgery dissectorClass I
Ophthalmic curette reusableOphthalmic curette reusableClass I
Ophthalmic knife reusableOphthalmic knife reusableClass I
Eye muscle hook reusableEye muscle hook reusableClass I
Orthopaedic bone staple driverOrthopaedic bone staple driverClass I
Orthopaedic bur reusableOrthopaedic bur reusableClass I
Orthopaedic chiselOrthopaedic chiselClass I
Orthopaedic implant impactor reusableOrthopaedic implant impactor reusableClass I
Orthopaedic joint/limb rongeurOrthopaedic joint/limb rongeurClass I
Orthopaedic knifeOrthopaedic knifeClass I
Orthopaedic osteotomeOrthopaedic osteotomeClass I
Orthopaedic trocar blade reusableOrthopaedic trocar blade reusableClass I
Paranasal sinus curetteParanasal sinus curetteClass I
Percussion hammer manualPercussion hammer manualClass I
Periodontal curettePeriodontal curetteClass I
Periodontal hoePeriodontal hoeClass I
Periodontal probe reusablePeriodontal probe reusableClass I
Periosteal elevator reusablePeriosteal elevator reusableClass I
Plastic surgery file/raspPlastic surgery file/raspClass I
Plastic surgery osteotomePlastic surgery osteotomeClass I
Proctoscope reusableProctoscope reusableClass I
Rectal scissorsRectal scissorsClass I
Rectal speculumRectal speculumClass I
Rhinoscopic mirrorRhinoscopic mirrorClass I
Rib rongeurRib rongeurClass I
Rib spreader reusableRib spreader reusableClass I
Rigid oesophagoscopeRigid oesophagoscopeClass I
Rigid sigmoidoscopeRigid sigmoidoscopeClass I
Ring cutterRing cutterClass I
Scalpel handle reusableScalpel handle reusableClass I
Self-retaining surgical retractor reusableSelf-retaining surgical retractor reusableClass I
Skin marking guide reusableSkin marking guide reusableClass I
Skin marking pen reusableSkin marking pen reusableClass I
Skin-coring punch reusableSkin-coring punch reusableClass I
Soft-tissue surgical hook reusableSoft-tissue surgical hook reusableClass I
Spinal rongeurSpinal rongeurClass I
Suprapubic catheter introducerSuprapubic catheter introducerClass I
Surgical drill chuckSurgical drill chuckClass I
Surgical gougeSurgical gougeClass I
Surgical instrument/endoscope cleaning utensil reusableSurgical instrument/endoscope cleaning utensil reusableClass I
Surgical instrument interim-placement holder reusableSurgical instrument interim-placement holder reusableClass I
Surgical malletSurgical malletClass I
Surgical retractor/retraction system blade reusableSurgical retractor/retraction system blade reusableClass I
Skin staple remover reusableSkin staple remover reusableClass I
Surgical/emergency suction cannula non-illuminating reusableSurgical/emergency suction cannula non-illuminating reusableClass I
Suture knot pusher reusableSuture knot pusher reusableClass I
Suture scissorsSuture scissorsClass I
Thermometer holderThermometer holderClass I
Tongue depressor surgicalTongue depressor surgicalClass I
Tonsil scissorsTonsil scissorsClass I
Tonsil snareTonsil snareClass I
Tracheal surgery dilator reusableTracheal surgery dilator reusableClass I
Tuning forkTuning forkClass I
Umbilical cord scissors reusableUmbilical cord scissors reusableClass I
Urethral bougie reusableUrethral bougie reusableClass I
Uterine sound reusableUterine sound reusableClass I
Vaginal dilatorVaginal dilatorClass I
Rectal dilator reusableRectal dilator reusableClass I
Urethral dilator reusableUrethral dilator reusableClass I
Vaginal speculum reusableVaginal speculum reusableClass I
Vascular dilator reusableVascular dilator reusableClass I
Vascular scissorsVascular scissorsClass I
Wire cutterWire cutterClass I
Wire holding/twisting pliersWire holding/twisting pliersClass I
Wire/ligature passer reusableWire/ligature passer reusableClass I
Wire-extracting pliersWire-extracting pliersClass I
Dental mirror reusableDental mirror reusableClass I
Bone cutting forcepsBone cutting forcepsClass I
Open-surgery biopsy forceps reusableOpen-surgery biopsy forceps reusableClass I
Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps alligator reusableSurgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps alligator reusableClass I
Skin grafting knifeSkin grafting knifeClass I
Surgical penis clamp reusableSurgical penis clamp reusableClass I
Device sterilization/disinfection container reusableDevice sterilization/disinfection container reusableClass I
Dressing/utility forceps scissors-like reusableDressing/utility forceps scissors-like reusableClass I
Towel clamp reusableTowel clamp reusableClass I
Sphygmomanometers And AccessoriesSphygmomanometers And AccessoriesClass I
StethoscopesStethoscopesClass I
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class I
Bone holding forcepsBone holding forcepsClass I
Dental dressing forceps reusableDental dressing forceps reusableClass I
Dental matrix band retainerDental matrix band retainerClass I
Dental matrix band reusableDental matrix band reusableClass I
Dressing/utility forceps tweezers-like reusableDressing/utility forceps tweezers-like reusableClass I
Medical tubing clip/clamp temporary non-calibrated reusableMedical tubing clip/clamp temporary non-calibrated reusableClass I
Nasal septum straightening forcepsNasal septum straightening forcepsClass I
Obstetrical forceps reusableObstetrical forceps reusableClass I
Open-surgery stone-retrieval forcepsOpen-surgery stone-retrieval forcepsClass I
Pylorus clampPylorus clampClass I
Scalp clip forcepsScalp clip forcepsClass I
Surgical bulldog clamp reusableSurgical bulldog clamp reusableClass I
Surgical gastrointestinal clampSurgical gastrointestinal clampClass I
Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps scissors-like reusableSurgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps scissors-like reusableClass I
Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps tweezers-like reusableSurgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps tweezers-like reusableClass I
Tonsil punch forcepsTonsil punch forcepsClass I
Tooth extraction forcepsTooth extraction forcepsClass I
Tunnelling forcepsTunnelling forcepsClass I
Uterine tenaculumUterine tenaculumClass I
Wire holding/twisting forcepsWire holding/twisting forcepsClass I