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Code/Term Type
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class I
Neurosurgical retraction system spinalNeurosurgical retraction system spinalClass I
Hand-held surgical retractor reusableHand-held surgical retractor reusableClass I
Dressing/utility forceps tweezers-like reusableDressing/utility forceps tweezers-like reusableClass I
Nasal biopsy curetteNasal biopsy curetteClass I
Ophthalmic curette reusableOphthalmic curette reusableClass I
Orthopaedic cement curetteOrthopaedic cement curetteClass I
Periodontal curettePeriodontal curetteClass I
Salpingeal curetteSalpingeal curetteClass I
Paranasal sinus curetteParanasal sinus curetteClass I
Neurosurgical curette single-useNeurosurgical curette single-useClass I
Bone fileBone fileClass I
Plastic surgery filePlastic surgery fileClass I
Ear speculum reusableEar speculum reusableClass I
Nasal septum straightening forcepsNasal septum straightening forcepsClass I
ENT speculum holderENT speculum holderClass I
Eyelid speculum reusableEyelid speculum reusableClass I
Tonsil dissector reusableTonsil dissector reusableClass I
Nasal speculum reusableNasal speculum reusableClass I
Vaginal speculum reusableVaginal speculum reusableClass I
Rectal speculumRectal speculumClass I
Self-retaining ear speculumSelf-retaining ear speculumClass I
Dura mater dissectorDura mater dissectorClass I
ENT suction dissectorENT suction dissectorClass I
Open-surgery dissectorOpen-surgery dissectorClass I
Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps scissors-like reusableSurgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps scissors-like reusableClass I
Scalpel handle reusableScalpel handle reusableClass I
Scalpel reusableScalpel reusableClass I
Surgical malletSurgical malletClass I
General-purpose light sourceGeneral-purpose light sourceClass I
Endoscopic light source unit battery-poweredEndoscopic light source unit battery-poweredClass I
Endoscopic light source adaptorEndoscopic light source adaptorClass I
Head-worn fibreoptic lightHead-worn fibreoptic lightClass I
Head-worn lampHead-worn lampClass I
Surgical instrument fibreoptic lightSurgical instrument fibreoptic lightClass I
Hand-held examination/treatment lightHand-held examination/treatment lightClass I
Wire holding/twisting forcepsWire holding/twisting forcepsClass I
LoupeLoupeClass I
Surgical/emergency suction cannula non-illuminating reusableSurgical/emergency suction cannula non-illuminating reusableClass I
Suction cannula reusableSuction cannula reusableClass I
Surgical/emergency suction cannula non-illuminating single-useSurgical/emergency suction cannula non-illuminating single-useClass I
Tonsil suction cannulaTonsil suction cannulaClass I
Dental mirror reusableDental mirror reusableClass I
Multi-purpose surgical instrument lubricantMulti-purpose surgical instrument lubricantClass I
Surgical instrument guard single-useSurgical instrument guard single-useClass I
Rigid endoscope telescopeRigid endoscope telescopeClass I
Endoscope sheath reusableEndoscope sheath reusableClass I
Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps tweezers-like reusableSurgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps tweezers-like reusableClass I
Nasal endoscopeNasal endoscopeClass I
Rigid endoscope obturatorRigid endoscope obturatorClass I
LED dental light battery-poweredLED dental light battery-poweredClass I
Skin marking guide reusableSkin marking guide reusableClass I
Otoscope endoscopicOtoscope endoscopicClass I
Laryngoscope handle reusableLaryngoscope handle reusableClass I
Laryngoscope blade reusableLaryngoscope blade reusableClass I
Endoscope cleaning brush reusableEndoscope cleaning brush reusableClass I
Surgical instrument/endoscope cleaning utensil single-useSurgical instrument/endoscope cleaning utensil single-useClass I
ENT soft-tissue cutting forcepsENT soft-tissue cutting forcepsClass I
Vascular anastomosis coupling forcepsVascular anastomosis coupling forcepsClass I
Bone file/rasp manual reusableBone file/rasp manual reusableClass I
Rib raspatoryRib raspatoryClass I
Frontal sinus file/raspFrontal sinus file/raspClass I
Middle ear file/raspMiddle ear file/raspClass I
Nasal file/raspNasal file/raspClass I
Mouth gag adjustable reusableMouth gag adjustable reusableClass I
Nasal sawNasal sawClass I
Manual surgical saw blade flexible reusableManual surgical saw blade flexible reusableClass I
Manual surgical saw blade rigidManual surgical saw blade rigidClass I
Brain knifeBrain knifeClass I
Scalp clip forcepsScalp clip forcepsClass I
Dura mater knifeDura mater knifeClass I
Ear knifeEar knifeClass I
Laryngeal knifeLaryngeal knifeClass I
Nasal knifeNasal knifeClass I
Throat knifeThroat knifeClass I
Tonsil knifeTonsil knifeClass I
Cast cutting shearsCast cutting shearsClass I
General-purpose bowl reusableGeneral-purpose bowl reusableClass I
Emesis bowl reusableEmesis bowl reusableClass I
Tunnelling forcepsTunnelling forcepsClass I
Sternum spreaderSternum spreaderClass I
Rib spreader reusableRib spreader reusableClass I
Vessel spreaderVessel spreaderClass I
Myoma screw reusableMyoma screw reusableClass I
Vascular dilator reusableVascular dilator reusableClass I
Nasal dilatorNasal dilatorClass I
Uterine sound reusableUterine sound reusableClass I
Brain spatulaBrain spatulaClass I
Lung spatulaLung spatulaClass I
Middle ear malleus nipperMiddle ear malleus nipperClass I
Tooth extraction forcepsTooth extraction forcepsClass I
Fibreoptic light cableFibreoptic light cableClass I
Bone tap reusableBone tap reusableClass I
Dental osteotomeDental osteotomeClass I
Orthopaedic prosthesis implantation positioning instrument reusableOrthopaedic prosthesis implantation positioning instrument reusableClass I
Plastic surgery file/raspPlastic surgery file/raspClass I
Open-surgery biopsy forceps reusableOpen-surgery biopsy forceps reusableClass I
Self-retaining surgical retractor reusableSelf-retaining surgical retractor reusableClass I
Bone cutterBone cutterClass I
Wire cutterWire cutterClass I
Spinal rongeurSpinal rongeurClass I
Neurosurgical rongeurNeurosurgical rongeurClass I
Mastoid rongeurMastoid rongeurClass I
Craniofacial rongeur reusableCraniofacial rongeur reusableClass I
Orthopaedic joint/limb rongeurOrthopaedic joint/limb rongeurClass I
Rib rongeurRib rongeurClass I
Synovectomy rongeurSynovectomy rongeurClass I
Chisel/osteotome blade handleChisel/osteotome blade handleClass I
Surgical retraction system reusableSurgical retraction system reusableClass I
Mastoid chiselMastoid chiselClass I
Middle ear chiselMiddle ear chiselClass I
Nasal chiselNasal chiselClass I
Orthopaedic chiselOrthopaedic chiselClass I
Orthopaedic chisel bladeOrthopaedic chisel bladeClass I
Orthopaedic implant impactor reusableOrthopaedic implant impactor reusableClass I
Passive spinal distractorPassive spinal distractorClass I
Craniofacial bone distractor extensionCraniofacial bone distractor extensionClass I
Orthopaedic surgical distractor externalOrthopaedic surgical distractor externalClass I
Orthopaedic surgical distractor internalOrthopaedic surgical distractor internalClass I
Neurosurgical retraction system brainNeurosurgical retraction system brainClass I
Bone approximation clampBone approximation clampClass I
Coronary artery clampCoronary artery clampClass I
Surgical bulldog clamp reusableSurgical bulldog clamp reusableClass I
Towel clamp reusableTowel clamp reusableClass I
Bone awl reusableBone awl reusableClass I
Manual bone millManual bone millClass I
Orthopaedic osteotomeOrthopaedic osteotomeClass I
Plastic surgery osteotomePlastic surgery osteotomeClass I
Mastoid gougeMastoid gougeClass I
Nasal gougeNasal gougeClass I
Surgical retractor/retraction system blade reusableSurgical retractor/retraction system blade reusableClass I
Suturing needle holder reusableSuturing needle holder reusableClass I
Spine punchSpine punchClass I
Bone punch reusableBone punch reusableClass I
Wire-extracting pliersWire-extracting pliersClass I
Surgical flat-nosed pliersSurgical flat-nosed pliersClass I
Skin/tissue hookSkin/tissue hookClass I
Bone hookBone hookClass I
Steam sterilization indication systemSteam sterilization indication systemClass I
Device sterilization/disinfection container reusableDevice sterilization/disinfection container reusableClass I
Sterilization container filterSterilization container filterClass I
Bone cutting forcepsBone cutting forcepsClass I
Instrument transport trolley systemInstrument transport trolley systemClass I
Sterilization container matSterilization container matClass I
Bone lever/elevator reusableBone lever/elevator reusableClass I
ENT elevatorENT elevatorClass I
Neurosurgical bone flap elevatorNeurosurgical bone flap elevatorClass I
Periosteal elevator reusablePeriosteal elevator reusableClass I
Dental elevator tooth/rootDental elevator tooth/rootClass I
Abdominal scissorsAbdominal scissorsClass I
Bandage scissors reusableBandage scissors reusableClass I
Cast cutting scissorsCast cutting scissorsClass I
Bone distraction forcepsBone distraction forcepsClass I
Dental collar/crown scissorsDental collar/crown scissorsClass I
Dental surgical scissorsDental surgical scissorsClass I
Neurosurgical scissorsNeurosurgical scissorsClass I
Ear scissors reusableEar scissors reusableClass I
ENT wire-cutting scissorsENT wire-cutting scissorsClass I
Episiotomy scissors reusableEpisiotomy scissors reusableClass I
General-purpose surgical scissors reusableGeneral-purpose surgical scissors reusableClass I
Gynaecological scissors reusableGynaecological scissors reusableClass I
Hysterectomy scissorsHysterectomy scissorsClass I
Intraocular scissors conventional-hinge reusableIntraocular scissors conventional-hinge reusableClass I
Bone holding forcepsBone holding forcepsClass I
Nasal scissorsNasal scissorsClass I
Ophthalmic tenotomy scissorsOphthalmic tenotomy scissorsClass I
Orthopaedic scissorsOrthopaedic scissorsClass I
Parametrium scissorsParametrium scissorsClass I
Rectal scissorsRectal scissorsClass I
Suture scissorsSuture scissorsClass I
Tonsil scissorsTonsil scissorsClass I
Umbilical cord scissors reusableUmbilical cord scissors reusableClass I
Uterine scissorsUterine scissorsClass I
Vascular scissorsVascular scissorsClass I
Dressing/utility forceps scissors-like reusableDressing/utility forceps scissors-like reusableClass I
Adenoid curette reusableAdenoid curette reusableClass I
Bone curette reusableBone curette reusableClass I
Dental curette basicDental curette basicClass I
Dermal curetteDermal curetteClass I
Endaural surgical curette reusableEndaural surgical curette reusableClass I
Endometrial biopsy curetteEndometrial biopsy curetteClass I
Ethmoid curetteEthmoid curetteClass I
General-purpose curetteGeneral-purpose curetteClass I
Intrauterine curette manualIntrauterine curette manualClass I
Intrauterine curette suctionIntrauterine curette suctionClass I
Intrauterine curette suctionIntrauterine curette suctionClass I