Manufacturer's Devices - Altomed Ltd


Unit 2 Witney Way Boldon Business Park

Boldon Colliery

Tyne And Wear NE35 9PE

United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class I
Medical Device AccessoriesClass I
Eye Baths/Irrigation Systems And Eyewash SolutionsClass I
Dilators And LubricantsClass I
Surgical Instrument AccessoriesClass I
Non-Active Infusion Devices And AccessoriesClass I
Eye Occlusion Plasters/Shields And Corneal ShieldsClass I
Autoclave Accessories (E.G. Trays And Tray Lifters Shelves Racks)Class I
Cleaner/ Washer for medical devicesClass I
Measuring Devices including Astigmatic RuleClass I
Eye SpeculaClass I
Surgical malletClass I
Nasal chiselClass I
Lens loop reusableClass I
Suturing needle holder reusableClass I
Corneoscleral punchClass I
Corneal scissorsClass I
Bone trephineClass I
Ocular hook/spatula/manipulator reusableClass I
Flieringa ophthalmic ringClass I
Intraocular lens folderClass I
Periosteal elevator reusableClass I
General-purpose surgical spatulaClass I
Cilia forcepsClass I
Ophthalmic strabismus scissorsClass I
Ophthalmic implant handling forceps reusableClass I
Ophthalmic soft-tissue manipulation forceps tweezers-like reusableClass I
Bone-coring punch reusableClass I
Ophthalmic soft-tissue manipulation forceps probe-like reusableClass I
Conjunctival scissorsClass I
Intraocular scissors conventional-hinge reusableClass I
Corneal marker reusableClass I
Eyelid speculum reusableClass I
Open-surgery dissectorClass I
Eye muscle hookClass I
Ophthalmic curette reusableClass I
ENT trocar bladeClass I
Towel clampClass I
Lacrimal dilator reusableClass I
Ophthalmic tonometer tip coverClass I
Lacrimal tube stripperClass I
Intraocular scissors probe-like reusableClass I
Corneal epithelium trephineClass I
Eyelid fascia-introduction needleClass I
Luer/Luer linear connector reusableClass I
Instrument tray reusableClass I
Ophthalmic knife reusableClass I
Periocular/lacrimal retractor hand-held reusableClass I
Periocular/lacrimal retractor self-retainingClass I
Hand-held surgical retractor reusableClass I