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Code/Term Type
Orthoses (Lower And Upper Limb/Spinal/Abdominal/Neck/Head)Orthoses (Lower And Upper Limb/Spinal/Abdominal/Neck/Head)Class I
Orthopaedic FootwareOrthopaedic FootwareClass I
TrussesTrussesClass I
Compression Hosiery/GarmentsCompression Hosiery/GarmentsClass I
Orthopaedic Casting/Support Products And AccessoriesOrthopaedic Casting/Support Products And AccessoriesClass I
Bunion shieldBunion shieldClass I
Abdominal hernia truss reusableAbdominal hernia truss reusableClass I
Cervical spine collar reusableCervical spine collar reusableClass I
Clavicle orthosisClavicle orthosisClass I
Compression/pressure sock/stocking reusableCompression/pressure sock/stocking reusableClass I
Finger/hand exerciserFinger/hand exerciserClass I
Finger protector reusableFinger protector reusableClass I
Foot friction/impact protectorFoot friction/impact protectorClass I
Hallux valgus metatarsophalangeal orthosisHallux valgus metatarsophalangeal orthosisClass I
Hip/knee/ankle/foot orthosisHip/knee/ankle/foot orthosisClass I
Hot/cold therapy pack reusableHot/cold therapy pack reusableClass I
Hypoallergenic skin adhesive tapeHypoallergenic skin adhesive tapeClass I
Insulation bandageInsulation bandageClass I
Lumbosacral spine orthosis flexibleLumbosacral spine orthosis flexibleClass I
Pressure bandage Hevea-latex reusablePressure bandage Hevea-latex reusableClass I
Sacroiliac spine orthosisSacroiliac spine orthosisClass I
Shoulder/elbow/wrist/hand orthosisShoulder/elbow/wrist/hand orthosisClass I
Compression/pressure gloveCompression/pressure gloveClass I
Pressure-management sockPressure-management sockClass I
Abdominal binder reusableAbdominal binder reusableClass I
Breast binder reusableBreast binder reusableClass I
Orthotic insole prefabricated antimicrobialOrthotic insole prefabricated antimicrobialClass I
Pressure-management insole prefabricatedPressure-management insole prefabricatedClass I
Compression/pressure sock/stocking single-useCompression/pressure sock/stocking single-useClass I
Orthotic insole prefabricated non-antimicrobialOrthotic insole prefabricated non-antimicrobialClass I
Cold/cool therapy gelCold/cool therapy gelClass I
Skin-cover adhesive strip non-antimicrobialSkin-cover adhesive strip non-antimicrobialClass I