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United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Hand dynamometer/pinchmeter mechanicalHand dynamometer/pinchmeter mechanicalClass I
Perineal orifice incontinence-control electrical stimulator electrodePerineal orifice incontinence-control electrical stimulator electrodeClass I
Multiple-base walking stickMultiple-base walking stickClass I
Single-base walking stickSingle-base walking stickClass I
Elbow crutchElbow crutchClass I
Patient transfer sliding matPatient transfer sliding matClass I
Bed mattress support platform electricBed mattress support platform electricClass I
Wheelchair attendant/occupant-driven front-wheels-operated collapsibleWheelchair attendant/occupant-driven front-wheels-operated collapsibleClass I
Patient transfer system poweredPatient transfer system poweredClass I
Lumbar cushionLumbar cushionClass I
Circulating-fluid thermal/compression therapy system wrapCirculating-fluid thermal/compression therapy system wrapClass I
Bed traction frameBed traction frameClass I
Adult drinking/feeding cupAdult drinking/feeding cupClass I
Assistive cutleryAssistive cutleryClass I
Food cutting/chopping aidFood cutting/chopping aidClass I
Food guardFood guardClass I
Assistive gripping/twisting tool reusableAssistive gripping/twisting tool reusableClass I
Raised toilet seatRaised toilet seatClass I
Assistive dressing/undressing hook/stickAssistive dressing/undressing hook/stickClass I
Commode manualCommode manualClass I
Fixed-rail armrestFixed-rail armrestClass I
Bath boardBath boardClass I
Bath back rest/seatBath back rest/seatClass I
Handgrip disability-assistive walker non-powered foldableHandgrip disability-assistive walker non-powered foldableClass I
Thermometers (Clinical)Thermometers (Clinical)Class I
Hospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsHospital Beds And Patient Positioning AidsClass I
Patient Hoists/ Transfer Aids And AccessoriesPatient Hoists/ Transfer Aids And AccessoriesClass I
Orthopaedic FootwareOrthopaedic FootwareClass I
Traction And Surgical Immobilisation DevicesTraction And Surgical Immobilisation DevicesClass I
Rehabilitation EquipmentRehabilitation EquipmentClass I
Splints (Limb/Body/Ear) / CollarsSplints (Limb/Body/Ear) / CollarsClass I
Postural Support ProductsPostural Support ProductsClass I
Orthoses And Prostheses - External (Made Direct From Casts/Prescriptions)Orthoses And Prostheses - External (Made Direct From Casts/Prescriptions)Class I
Pressure Relief Devices And AccessoriesPressure Relief Devices And AccessoriesClass I
Stretchers/Chairs/Hospital Trolleys (Patient Transport)Stretchers/Chairs/Hospital Trolleys (Patient Transport)Class I
Dressing-fixation skin adhesive tape non-siliconeDressing-fixation skin adhesive tape non-siliconeClass I
Tubular support bandage non-latex reusableTubular support bandage non-latex reusableClass I
Compression/pressure shirt/pantsCompression/pressure shirt/pantsClass I
Elbow crutchElbow crutchClass I
Sacral plexus implantable incontinence-control electrical stimulation systemSacral plexus implantable incontinence-control electrical stimulation systemClass I
Electrode/transducer strap reusableElectrode/transducer strap reusableClass I
Examination/treatment table manualExamination/treatment table manualClass I
Gait analysis systemGait analysis systemClass I
Manual goniometerManual goniometerClass I
Single-base walking stickSingle-base walking stickClass I
Orthotic insole prefabricated non-antimicrobialOrthotic insole prefabricated non-antimicrobialClass I
Pelvic floor muscle exerciserPelvic floor muscle exerciserClass I
Limb tourniquet manual single-useLimb tourniquet manual single-useClass I
Patient/medical device walker clinicalPatient/medical device walker clinicalClass I
Biomechanical function analysis system force-testing portableBiomechanical function analysis system force-testing portableClass I
Hot/cold therapy pack reusableHot/cold therapy pack reusableClass I
Body/limb elastic exerciserBody/limb elastic exerciserClass I
Raised toilet seatRaised toilet seatClass I
Shower seat non-poweredShower seat non-poweredClass I
Examination/treatment table line-poweredExamination/treatment table line-poweredClass I