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Kent CT2 7EP

United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Impression Materials Trays And Adhesives / Bite Wafers / Bite GaugeImpression Materials Trays And Adhesives / Bite Wafers / Bite GaugeClass I
Articulating Paper/SprayArticulating Paper/Spray
Denture Lining Materials/AdhesivesDenture Lining Materials/Adhesives
Dental Appliances/ProsthesesDental Appliances/Prostheses
Dental crown ceramicDental crown ceramic
Dental crown metalDental crown metal
Dental prosthesis veneer resinDental prosthesis veneer resin
Dental veneer custom-madeDental veneer custom-made
Bite registration rimBite registration rim
Denture clasp metal custom-madeDenture clasp metal custom-made
Dental appliance/prosthesis connectorDental appliance/prosthesis connector
Custom-made organ/bone anatomy modelCustom-made organ/bone anatomy model
Custom-made mouthguardCustom-made mouthguard
Dental implant suprastructure permanent custom-madeDental implant suprastructure permanent custom-made
Preformed dental crown permanentPreformed dental crown permanent
Preformed dental crown temporaryPreformed dental crown temporary
Dental crown metal/ceramicDental crown metal/ceramic
Dental occlusal splint custom-madeDental occlusal splint custom-made
Mandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosisMandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosis
Dental bridge metal-ceramicDental bridge metal-ceramic
Bonded dental bridgeBonded dental bridge
Complete lower dentureComplete lower denture
Complete upper dentureComplete upper denture
Partial denturePartial denture
Root canal post custom-madeRoot canal post custom-made
Orthodontic retainerOrthodontic retainer
Dental crown metal/polymerDental crown metal/polymer
Dental crown polymerDental crown polymer
Resin dental inlayResin dental inlay
Gold dental inlayGold dental inlay
Dental crown/bridge temporaryDental crown/bridge temporary
Dental bridge ceramicDental bridge ceramic
Ceramic dental inlayCeramic dental inlay