Manufacturer's Devices - Eakin Surgical Ltd


Greypoint Cardiff Business Park


United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Ostomy Collection Devices And AccessoriesClass I
Sampling And Cell Collection Devices (Patient Contact - Not IVDDs)Class IIa
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class IIa
Fetofit StrapClass IIa
Wall-Support Speculum (disposable)Class IIa
Surgical Instrument AccessoriesClass IIa
Uterine elevatorClass IIa
Nitrile examination/treatment glove, non-powdered, non-antimicrobialClass IIa
Synthetic polymer semi-permeable film dressing, adhesive, sterileClass IIa
Dressing/utility forceps, scissors-like, reusableClass IIa
Uterine sound, single-useClass IIa
Uterine tenaculumClass IIa
General-purpose surgical scissors, single-useClass IIa
Vaginal dilatorClass IIa
Intrauterine device removal hook, reusableClass IIa
Infusion pump testerClass IIa
Closed-wound/centesis drainage receptacleClass IIa
Intestinal/urinary stoma buttonClass IIa
Suction system catheter, general-purposeClass IIa
Surgical/orthopaedic lavage system power supplyClass IIa