Manufacturer's Devices - Pink dental laboratory


147 Kingsley Road


West Midlands DY6 9RS

United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Dental Appliances/ProsthesesDental Appliances/ProsthesesClass I
Impression Materials Trays And Adhesives / Bite Wafers / Bite GaugeImpression Materials Trays And Adhesives / Bite Wafers / Bite GaugeClass I
WaxesWaxesClass I
Custom-made dental crown ceramicCustom-made dental crown ceramic
Ceramic dental inlayCeramic dental inlay
Custom-made dental crown metalCustom-made dental crown metal
Dental occlusal splint custom-madeDental occlusal splint custom-made
Dental appliance fabrication material resinDental appliance fabrication material resin
Orthodontic anchor plateOrthodontic anchor plate
Orthodontic clasp metal wire custom-madeOrthodontic clasp metal wire custom-made
Orthodontic clasp metal custom-madeOrthodontic clasp metal custom-made
Orthodontic retainerOrthodontic retainer
Orthodontic space maintainerOrthodontic space maintainer
Orthodontic springOrthodontic spring
Dental appliance fabrication material thermoplasticDental appliance fabrication material thermoplastic
Complete lower dentureComplete lower denture
Dental bridge polymerDental bridge polymer
Complete upper dentureComplete upper denture
Denture clasp metal custom-madeDenture clasp metal custom-made
Denture reliner hardDenture reliner hard
Denture reliner soft professionalDenture reliner soft professional
Partial denturePartial denture
Dental restorative goldDental restorative gold
Dental implant abutment analog laboratoryDental implant abutment analog laboratory
Dental prosthesis/implant abutment screwDental prosthesis/implant abutment screw
Dental prosthesis/implant abutment screw analog reusableDental prosthesis/implant abutment screw analog reusable
Dental appliance fabrication material ceramicDental appliance fabrication material ceramic
Mandible-repositioning/palate-lifting sleep-disordered breathing orthosisMandible-repositioning/palate-lifting sleep-disordered breathing orthosis
Teeth whitening trayTeeth whitening tray
Custom-made mouthguardCustom-made mouthguard
Dental implant suprastructure permanent custom-madeDental implant suprastructure permanent custom-made
Dental veneer professionalDental veneer professional
Dental bridge ceramicDental bridge ceramic
Dental bridge metal-ceramicDental bridge metal-ceramic
Gold dental inlayGold dental inlay
Temporary dental crown/bridgeTemporary dental crown/bridge
Dental bridge metal-polymerDental bridge metal-polymer