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Code Name Type
Dental Instruments (Re-Usable & Non-Powered)Dental Instruments (Re-Usable & Non-Powered)Class I
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class I
Surgical Instrument AccessoriesSurgical Instrument AccessoriesClass I
Electrosurgical Accessories(e.g.Transient Invasive Electrodes,Footswitches)Electrosurgical Accessories(e.g.Transient Invasive Electrodes,Footswitches)Class I
Nasal speculum, reusableNasal speculum, reusableClass I
Dental mirror, reusableDental mirror, reusableClass I
Vaginal speculum, reusableVaginal speculum, reusableClass I
Obstetrical forceps, reusableObstetrical forceps, reusableClass I
Wire holding/twisting forcepsWire holding/twisting forcepsClass I
Bone holding forcepsBone holding forcepsClass I
Suturing needle holder, reusableSuturing needle holder, reusableClass I
Spinal rongeurSpinal rongeurClass I
Mastoid rongeurMastoid rongeurClass I
Craniofacial rongeur, reusableCraniofacial rongeur, reusableClass I
Neurosurgical rongeurNeurosurgical rongeurClass I
Orthopaedic joint/limb rongeurOrthopaedic joint/limb rongeurClass I
Hand-held dental retractorHand-held dental retractorClass I
Bone hookBone hookClass I
Bone lever/elevatorBone lever/elevatorClass I
Hand-held surgical retractor, reusableHand-held surgical retractor, reusableClass I
Lung spatulaLung spatulaClass I
Nerve/vessel retractorNerve/vessel retractorClass I
Rib spreader, reusableRib spreader, reusableClass I
Skin/tissue hookSkin/tissue hookClass I
Surgical retractor/retraction system blade, reusableSurgical retractor/retraction system blade, reusableClass I
Periocular/lacrimal retractor, self-retainingPeriocular/lacrimal retractor, self-retainingClass I
Self-retaining surgical retractor, reusableSelf-retaining surgical retractor, reusableClass I
Bone cutting forcepsBone cutting forcepsClass I
Clamp manipulation forcepsClamp manipulation forcepsClass I
Dressing/utility forceps, scissors-like, reusableDressing/utility forceps, scissors-like, reusableClass I
Dressing/utility forceps, tweezers-like, reusableDressing/utility forceps, tweezers-like, reusableClass I
Rigid endoscopic tissue manipulation forceps, reusableRigid endoscopic tissue manipulation forceps, reusableClass I
Nasal septum straightening forcepsNasal septum straightening forcepsClass I
Open-surgery stone-retrieval forcepsOpen-surgery stone-retrieval forcepsClass I
Ophthalmic soft-tissue manipulation forceps, tweezers-like, reusableOphthalmic soft-tissue manipulation forceps, tweezers-like, reusableClass I
Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, alligator, reusableSurgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, alligator, reusableClass I
Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, scissors-like, reusableSurgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, scissors-like, reusableClass I
Surgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, tweezers-like, reusableSurgical soft-tissue manipulation forceps, tweezers-like, reusableClass I
Open-surgery biopsy forceps, reusableOpen-surgery biopsy forceps, reusableClass I
Abdominal scissorsAbdominal scissorsClass I
Bandage scissors, reusableBandage scissors, reusableClass I
Episiotomy scissors, reusableEpisiotomy scissors, reusableClass I
General-purpose surgical scissors, reusableGeneral-purpose surgical scissors, reusableClass I
Gynaecological scissors, reusableGynaecological scissors, reusableClass I
Intraocular scissors, conventional-hinge, reusableIntraocular scissors, conventional-hinge, reusableClass I
Nail scissors, reusableNail scissors, reusableClass I
Nasal scissorsNasal scissorsClass I
Ophthalmic tenotomy scissorsOphthalmic tenotomy scissorsClass I
Orthopaedic scissorsOrthopaedic scissorsClass I
Rectal scissorsRectal scissorsClass I
Suture scissorsSuture scissorsClass I
Tonsil scissorsTonsil scissorsClass I
Umbilical cord scissors, reusableUmbilical cord scissors, reusableClass I
Uterine scissorsUterine scissorsClass I
Vascular scissorsVascular scissorsClass I
Atrial retractorAtrial retractorClass I
Periocular/lacrimal retractor, hand-held, reusablePeriocular/lacrimal retractor, hand-held, reusableClass I
Sterilization/disinfection container, reusableSterilization/disinfection container, reusableClass I
Ear speculum, reusableEar speculum, reusableClass I
Orthopaedic osteotomeOrthopaedic osteotomeClass I
Plastic surgery osteotomePlastic surgery osteotomeClass I
Rectal speculumRectal speculumClass I
Surgical instrument assist arm system, manually-adjustedSurgical instrument assist arm system, manually-adjustedClass I
ENT elevatorENT elevatorClass I
Nasal chiselNasal chiselClass I
Neurosurgical bone flap elevatorNeurosurgical bone flap elevatorClass I
Orthopaedic chiselOrthopaedic chiselClass I
Periosteal elevator, reusablePeriosteal elevator, reusableClass I
Bronchoscopic aspiration tube, rigidBronchoscopic aspiration tube, rigidClass I
Surgical bulldog clamp, reusableSurgical bulldog clamp, reusableClass I
Common bile duct dilatorCommon bile duct dilatorClass I
Dental anaesthesia syringe, reusableDental anaesthesia syringe, reusableClass I
Dental excavator, reusableDental excavator, reusableClass I
ENT probe, reusableENT probe, reusableClass I
Surgical snare wireSurgical snare wireClass I
Fistula probeFistula probeClass I
Gastro-urological probeGastro-urological probeClass I
Incontinence penis clamp, reusableIncontinence penis clamp, reusableClass I
Lacrimal dilator, reusableLacrimal dilator, reusableClass I
Nasal dilatorNasal dilatorClass I
Nasal snare, reusableNasal snare, reusableClass I
Rectal dilator, reusableRectal dilator, reusableClass I
Tonsil snareTonsil snareClass I
Tooth extraction forcepsTooth extraction forcepsClass I
Towel clamp, reusableTowel clamp, reusableClass I
Urethral dilator, reusableUrethral dilator, reusableClass I
Vaginal dilatorVaginal dilatorClass I
Adenoid curette, reusableAdenoid curette, reusableClass I
Autopsy knifeAutopsy knifeClass I
Bone curette, reusableBone curette, reusableClass I
Cartilage knifeCartilage knifeClass I
Cast/plaster knifeCast/plaster knifeClass I
Dental curette, basicDental curette, basicClass I
Dermal curetteDermal curetteClass I
Ear knifeEar knifeClass I
Ear canal irrigation syringeEar canal irrigation syringeClass I
Endometrial biopsy curetteEndometrial biopsy curetteClass I
General-purpose syringe, reusableGeneral-purpose syringe, reusableClass I
Intrauterine curette, manualIntrauterine curette, manualClass I
Laryngeal mirror, reusableLaryngeal mirror, reusableClass I
Meniscus knifeMeniscus knifeClass I
Mouth gag, adjustable, reusableMouth gag, adjustable, reusableClass I
Nasal knifeNasal knifeClass I
Rhinoscopic mirrorRhinoscopic mirrorClass I
Rigid bronchoscopeRigid bronchoscopeClass I
Skin grafting knifeSkin grafting knifeClass I
Suction cannula, reusableSuction cannula, reusableClass I
Tongue depressor, examination, single-useTongue depressor, examination, single-useClass I
Uterine depressorUterine depressorClass I
Uterine manipulator, single-useUterine manipulator, single-useClass I
Eustachian catheter, reusableEustachian catheter, reusableClass I
Ophthalmic irrigation/infusion/aspiration cannula, non-illuminating, reusableOphthalmic irrigation/infusion/aspiration cannula, non-illuminating, reusableClass I
Pellet implantation cannulaPellet implantation cannulaClass I
Paranasal sinus cannulaParanasal sinus cannulaClass I
Surgical guillotineSurgical guillotineClass I
Thoracic drainage cannulaThoracic drainage cannulaClass I
Tissue injection cannulaTissue injection cannulaClass I
Bone cutterBone cutterClass I
Gallstone scoopGallstone scoopClass I
Percussion hammer, manualPercussion hammer, manualClass I
Ring cutterRing cutterClass I
Surgical malletSurgical malletClass I
Wire cutterWire cutterClass I
Bone distraction forcepsBone distraction forcepsClass I
Bone file/rasp, manualBone file/rasp, manualClass I
Cast spreaderCast spreaderClass I
Nasal gougeNasal gougeClass I
Nasal file/raspNasal file/raspClass I
Open-surgery dissectorOpen-surgery dissectorClass I
Proctoscope, reusableProctoscope, reusableClass I
Rib raspatoryRib raspatoryClass I
Rigid intubation laryngoscope, reusableRigid intubation laryngoscope, reusableClass I
Rigid oesophagoscopeRigid oesophagoscopeClass I
Rigid sigmoidoscopeRigid sigmoidoscopeClass I
Surgical gougeSurgical gougeClass I
Surgical instrument fibreoptic lightSurgical instrument fibreoptic lightClass I
Tuning forkTuning forkClass I
Urethral bougie, reusableUrethral bougie, reusableClass I
Urethral sound, reusableUrethral sound, reusableClass I
Uterine sound, reusableUterine sound, reusableClass I
Bone punch, reusableBone punch, reusableClass I
Instrument inspection scopeInstrument inspection scopeClass I
Instrument tray, reusableInstrument tray, reusableClass I
Surgical container holderSurgical container holderClass I
Surgical drill chuckSurgical drill chuckClass I
Autopsy hand sawAutopsy hand sawClass I
Cast cutting shearsCast cutting shearsClass I
Incus hookIncus hookClass I
Intermittent urethral drainage catheter, non-sterileIntermittent urethral drainage catheter, non-sterileClass I
Rigid endoscopic sponge/swab forcepsRigid endoscopic sponge/swab forcepsClass I
Open-surgery ligation clip applierOpen-surgery ligation clip applierClass I
Low-pressure tubing connector, reusableLow-pressure tubing connector, reusableClass I
Manual surgical saw, flexibleManual surgical saw, flexibleClass I
Manual surgical saw, rigidManual surgical saw, rigidClass I
Middle ear malleus nipperMiddle ear malleus nipperClass I
Nail clippers, reusableNail clippers, reusableClass I
Nasal sawNasal sawClass I
Eye muscle hook, reusableEye muscle hook, reusableClass I
Rib guillotineRib guillotineClass I
Suprapubic catheter introducerSuprapubic catheter introducerClass I
Surgical instrument containment holder, reusableSurgical instrument containment holder, reusableClass I
Surgical torque wrench, reusableSurgical torque wrench, reusableClass I
Soft-tissue surgical hook, reusableSoft-tissue surgical hook, reusableClass I
Traction weightTraction weightClass I
Uterine fibroid hookUterine fibroid hookClass I
Wire holding/twisting pliersWire holding/twisting pliersClass I
Wire holding/twisting pliersWire holding/twisting pliersClass I
Wire holding/twisting pliersWire holding/twisting pliersClass I