Manufacturer's Devices - Department of Maxillofacial Surgery & Orthodontics


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Gawber Road Barnsley


South Yorkshire S75 2EP.

England United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Custom-made mouthguardCustom-made mouthguard
Orthodontic retainerOrthodontic retainer
Orthodontic palate expander/teeth aligner self-removableOrthodontic palate expander/teeth aligner self-removable
Mandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosisMandible-repositioning sleep-disordered breathing orthosis
Orthodontic palate expander/teeth aligner bondedOrthodontic palate expander/teeth aligner bonded
External facial prosthesisExternal facial prosthesis
Custom-made cranial bone prosthesisCustom-made cranial bone prosthesis
Eyelid weight implantableEyelid weight implantable
Complete lower dentureComplete lower denture
Complete upper dentureComplete upper denture