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United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Theatre Dressing PacksTheatre Dressing Packs
Surgical Procedure Packs (Includes Instruments Supplied Singularly)Surgical Procedure Packs (Includes Instruments Supplied Singularly)Class I
Theatre Drape PacksTheatre Drape PacksClass I
Dental Instruments (Re-Usable & Non-Powered)Dental Instruments (Re-Usable & Non-Powered)Class I
Handheld Dental Mirrors And AccessoriesHandheld Dental Mirrors And AccessoriesClass I
Retraction Cords/Dental Wedges/Rubber Dam/Matrix BandsRetraction Cords/Dental Wedges/Rubber Dam/Matrix BandsClass I
Electrodes/Transducers And AccessoriesElectrodes/Transducers And AccessoriesClass I
Endoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And AccessoriesEndoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And AccessoriesClass I
Laryngoscopes/Otoscopes And AccessoriesLaryngoscopes/Otoscopes And AccessoriesClass I
Bandages (Eg Support/Tubular/Adhesive/Plaster Of Paris/Cast Liners/Resin)Bandages (Eg Support/Tubular/Adhesive/Plaster Of Paris/Cast Liners/Resin)Class I
Cotton Wool/Gauze/Non Woven/PVA(Ribbons/Swab/Buds)Cotton Wool/Gauze/Non Woven/PVA(Ribbons/Swab/Buds)Class I
Resuscitation Devices (Non-Active) And AccessoriesResuscitation Devices (Non-Active) And AccessoriesClass I
Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Surgical Instruments (Re-Usable And Non-Powered)Class I
Surgical Instrument AccessoriesSurgical Instrument AccessoriesClass I
Sterilisation PackagingSterilisation PackagingClass I
Vaginal Specula (reuseable devices)Vaginal Specula (reuseable devices)Class I
Electrosurgical Accessories(e.g.Transient Invasive Electrodes Footswitches)Electrosurgical Accessories(e.g.Transient Invasive Electrodes Footswitches)Class I
Nasal SpeculumNasal SpeculumClass I
Dental Brace/Denture Fitting AidDental Brace/Denture Fitting AidClass I
Eye SpeculaEye SpeculaClass I
Airway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And AccessoriesAirway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And AccessoriesClass I
Oral Hygiene PacksOral Hygiene PacksClass I
Ophthalmic Surgical Procedure PacksOphthalmic Surgical Procedure PacksClass I
Orthodontic Procedure PacksOrthodontic Procedure PacksClass I
Endoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And AccessoriesEndoscopes/Endoscopic Instruments And AccessoriesClass I
Skin Traction KitsSkin Traction KitsClass I
Blood Specimen Collection KitsBlood Specimen Collection KitsClass I
Ward Dressing PacksWard Dressing PacksClass I