Manufacturer's Devices - Anetic Aid Ltd.


44 New Lane


Hampshire PO9 2NF

United Kingdom


Authorised Representative
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Code Name Type
Stretchers/Chairs/Hospital Trolleys (Patient Transport)Class I
Non-Active Infusion Devices And AccessoriesClass IIa
Operating Tables And AccessoriesClass IIa
Universal operating table hydraulicClass IIa
Universal operating table electromechanicalClass IIa
Hospital stretcher manualClass IIa
Hospital stretcher poweredClass IIa
Radiographic stretcherClass IIa
Operating table mattress basicClass IIa
Heel stirrup cushion/padClass IIa
Armboard reusableClass IIa
Anaesthesia screenClass IIa
Intravenous poleClass IIa
Operating table accessory trolleyClass IIa
Medical table clampClass IIa
Arm procedure positioner reusableClass IIa
Patient positioning vacuum mattressClass IIa
Leg procedure positionerClass IIa
Operating table patient pressure distribution pad reusableClass IIa
Pneumatic tourniquet systemClass IIa
Tourniquet cuff reusableClass IIa
Tourniquet cuff bandage non-latexClass IIa
Operating room stoolClass IIa
Kick bucketClass IIa
Instrument tableClass IIa
Tourniquet cuff single-useClass IIa