Manufacturer's Devices - The Old Kiln Dental Laboratory Ltd


The Chapel 208 Lee Lane


Lancashire BL67JF

United Kingdom

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Code/Term Type
Complete upper dentureComplete upper denture
Partial denturePartial denture
Ceramic dental inlayCeramic dental inlay
Complete lower dentureComplete lower denture
Custom-made dental crown ceramicCustom-made dental crown ceramic
Custom-made dental crown metalCustom-made dental crown metal
Custom-made dental crown metal/ceramicCustom-made dental crown metal/ceramic
Dental occlusal splint custom-madeDental occlusal splint custom-made
Teeth whitening trayTeeth whitening tray
Custom-made mouthguardCustom-made mouthguard
Dental veneer professionalDental veneer professional
Denture clasp metal preformedDenture clasp metal preformed
Denture clasp polymer preformedDenture clasp polymer preformed
Denture clasp metal custom-madeDenture clasp metal custom-made
Bar dental precision attachmentBar dental precision attachment
Bonded dental bridgeBonded dental bridge
Dental CAD/CAM system laboratoryDental CAD/CAM system laboratory
Temporary dental crown/bridgeTemporary dental crown/bridge
Dental implant x-ray templateDental implant x-ray template