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Maxillofacial Laboratory The Queen Victoria Hospital

Holtye Road

East Grinstead

West Sussex RH19 3DZ

United Kingdom


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Code Name Type
Cranial bone prosthesis custom-made non-sterile
Dental occlusal splint custom-made
Facial prosthesis
Ear prosthesis
Eyeball prosthesis custom-made
Mandible-repositioning/palate-lifting sleep-disordered breathing orthosis
Dental appliance/prosthesis connector
Vacuum mouldable splint
Orthodontic retainer
Finger/thumb prosthesis
Eyelid weight external
Eyelid weight implantable
Pectoral implant non-sterile
Nipple prosthesis external
Partial-hand prosthesis
Speech assistive training device
Finger orthosis
Nose prosthesis external
Zygoma prosthesis
Zygoma prosthesis
Zygoma prosthesis
Zygoma prosthesis